The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Winding Refn's MANIAC COP... whut?

Honey Buzz ~ Winding Refn's MANIAC COP... whut?

If you've been watching entertainment pickup news coming out of Cannes, you may have noticed that Nicolas Winding Refn (known for some beautifully artistic and messed up films like Drive, Bronson and Valhalla Rising) has taken on a few interesting 'passion projects' - one of which (announced today) is taking on the producer mantle for a remake of Witchfinder General. Okay... not what I would have expected, but... sure, I can see how this needs an update and some Refn spice... maybe.

However, it's this next bit that gets weird.

Variety reports that Refn's production company is taking on the entire Maniac Cop trilogy. This isn't even angry news, people, it's confused news. Why the renewed interest in this painfully 80s revenge slasher series? I couldn't even tell you, but I'm obviously hoping that whatever transpires is a worthy send-up to the late Robert Z'Dar who played the revenge seeking Matt Cordell.

Refn and original series director William Lustig will produce the film, which has yet to secure a director or cast, but word on the street is that it'll start shooting in LA this summer.

Would you be down for a Maniac Cop reboot? 
Does it need to happen? I'm still confused.

(Source: Variety)