The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Nicole Kidman Options Vampire Play!

Honey Buzz ~ Nicole Kidman Options Vampire Play!

In recent years, actress Nicole Kidman has started taking on some really out-of-the-box projects. From Stoker to Strangerland, it has become blatantly clear that rom-coms are not this Aussie lady's thing, and frankly, fuck if I don't admire her for that. 

So, it's not terribly surprising to hear that Kidman's production company, Blossom Films, has optioned the rights to an Off-Broadway play called Cuddles. Cuddles is a vampire drama with two women in the main roles...

Written by playwright Joseph Wilde, the story of Cuddles is, without question, 100% Horror Honey-approved:

Eve is a 13 year old vampire... Eve does everything a good little vampire girl should, including drinking her (human) sister’s blood. But one day, Tabby tires of opening her veins and, in a breath, the whole world changes. (OvalHouse)

So basically, not only is it easy to imagine this as a film, but it's also easy to picture Kidman in the main role, should she choose to star. Count us cautiously excited.

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(Source: Variety)