The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Jason Statham and 'Meg'... A Love Story?*

Honey Buzz ~ Jason Statham and 'Meg'... A Love Story?*

*No. It's not. But I wish.

Prehistoric giant shark thriller (now there is phrase we don't hear nearly enough) Meg first entered the news last year, when Eli Roth announced it was going to be his next project. But then, in March, he dropped out as director (maybe he can't direct more than two films a decade? Who knows). But Warner Bros. had already committed a giant chunk of change to the project, so they weren't willing to let it drop.

Now, we get a Meg with Jason Statham AND a proven action director!

Not the actual Meg
Meg, based on the novel MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror by Steve Alten, has been in some form of development since the 90s. But shark movies only just became a thing again, with Sharknado surviving beyond all logic and reason, and The Shallows gathering some positive internet buzz. So what better time to have Jason Bloody Statham team with Jon Turteltaub (National Treasure, baby!) for a movie about a giant prehistoric shark?


Unfortunately, we DO have to wait until 2018, which is when Meg will come out. They're only beginning principal photography on the project at the end of the year, with shooting locations in China and New Zealand.

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(Source: Variety)