The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Dark Comedy + Exorcism = Whut?

Honey Buzz ~ Dark Comedy + Exorcism = Whut?

There isn't much that makes me sit up and take notice like a good old possession film. However, when it comes to TV, I'm less inclined to be favorable in my interest.

That doesn't sound like a great way to start, but bear with me.

According to THR, Netflix has signed on a deal with a British production that aims to be a dark comedy series about two demon hunters who go on exorcism excursions.

Let's start with the fun stuff, the show is called (for starters) Crazy Face... I'll just leave that there:

The comedy is a funny and gripping entry about friendship, love, and facing your demons. It follows the angst and exorcisms of an unlikely duo of demon hunters (played by Cara Theobold and Susan Wokoma).

When people die most go quietly into the night. But some have unfinished business: scores to settle. These souls work through their issues by possessing the living. Most of the time they walk freely among us, unseen by all but a special few. Amy (Theobold) is one of those few. She works in a bowling alley and never imagined herself battling the legions of hell. Enter Raquel (Wokoma), armed with Wikipedia and a baton she bought on eBay, Raquel's a self-made demon hunter with a whole lot of baggage and an impressive lack of social skills. - THR
So, points for the female led cast, but I can't say that I'm looking forward to the kind of tone deaf stereotyping that I'm sure will accompany this. Special-flower white girl meets presumably loud, angry black woman from the 'wrong end of town,' and hilarity automatically ensues.

I'm making a face.

This face.
While Netflix thinks that this show will be all kinds of hilarious, I'll be withholding judgement until there's a trailer, and some more details beyond the "it's like Supernatural, but not... and with women... y'know?"

The all-important question: Will I watch it? Probably the first few episodes. But I'm also counting on one hand where demonic possession worked well as a comedy... how many times can the same joke be played out, or the same overreaction be emoted?

With demons playing a pivotal role in a lot of new TV coming out recently (The Omen, Outcast, The Exorcist) it's not hard to see why something like Crazy Face (fuck, I hate that title) is getting major network (yes, Netflix is kind of a global network now) distribution. Everyone wants a piece of the infernal pie, but how much of that pie is rotten apples?

Now I want pie.

Would YOU tune in for Crazy Face
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