The Horror Honeys: Captain America: Civil War ~ Whose Side Are You On?*

Captain America: Civil War ~ Whose Side Are You On?*

*If it's not Captain America, I will judge you

A Fangirl Revenge Honey Review with Linnie

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

In the great cinematic world of Marvel, the Captain America movies have moved to the forefront as the clear standouts. Both the original Captain America: The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier have been brilliant examples of respectful comic adaptations and timely political thrillers, with plenty of action to satisfy even the most fair-weather of summer popcorn munchers. When Captain American and The Avengers each became part of the MCU timeline, it was inevitable that Mark Millar's seven-issue cross-over series, Civil War, would become part of the film canon. Marvel fans, like myself, have been impatiently waiting for years for the release of Joe and Anthony Russo's (The Winter Soldier) vision of one of the best limited storylines in Marvel's history.

Was it worth the wait?

Hell frigging yeah it was! Civil War was everything I wanted, and more. So. Much. More.

The Story: After the events of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the world finds itself a little more afraid of the powers of The Avengers than they once were. People died in Sokovia, and many hold The Avengers responsible. Secretary of State Ross (William Hurt), along with the United Nations, present the Avengers with The Sokovia Accords, a document which requires the Avengers, and all other "enhanced humans," to register with the government and work only under their strict approval. Tony Stark, holding himself responsible for Ultron's actions, is in favor of the Accords. Captain America, who has seen first hand the outcome when people are forced to register with the government because they are different, is against them. As more enhanced humans make their presence known, The Avengers are forced to choose sides based on their beliefs, leading to a showdown like nothing we have seen before.

And acts of heroism I could watch on repeat for days.
Specifically this part.
My main concern going in to Civil War was that, like a recent synaptic misfire released by DC, Marvel was going to try and introduce too many superheroes in too short of a time, leading to overkill. But those fears were misplaced. Not only did the Russo brothers create legitimate entries for new Avengers including Paul Rudd's Ant-Man, Tom Holland's Spider-Man, and best of all, Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther, but each was fantastic addition to the current film... not just a teaser for a future one.

Seriously. Could not have been more perfect. Why must we wait until 2018?
But what truly anchors Civil War as more than a superhero film is the fact that it has heart, and characters that you both relate to and root for. No matter which side of the Civil War you fall on, you're not necessarily right, or wrong. The script, written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, is careful to avoid drawing broad lines in black and white. Like most wars, each person fighting believes they are the one fighting for what is right, and allegiances change as truths come to light. But when the dust settles, and friends are hurt, does right or wrong even matter? We'll probably have to wait until Infinity War to find out.

They finally got Spider-Man right. TAKE THAT FOX! 
Now, take back Fantastic Four.
Equally important in Civil War, and something that the Russo's brought to The Winter Soldier, is both an eye(s) for details to please fans of the comics, as well as just the right combination of gravitas and humor. This is also something that is sorely lacking from Zack Snyder's DC broodfests, and why I have never warmed to the other comic giant's films. It is possible to have both depth and heart, humor and heartbreak, and while not every Marvel film has blended those elements well, Civil War does so masterfully.

Vision is... human? Fallible? Wait... no... that can't be right.
However, much like the speck of green in Cap's perfect blue eyes, there is but one flaw in Civil War, which I would like to discuss with other plot nitpickers out there. For those who haven't seen the movie yet (AND WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?), spoilers ahead...

Cap hates spoilers. Bucky... he's ambivalent.
When Tony saw the video of his parents' death and became aware that Bucky was responsible in his role as the Winter Soldier, Cap admitted that yes, he knew. But HOW? This was our first introduction to Maria Stark (Hope Davis) at all, and the first time we learned how the Starks died. Bucky has only just regained his memories, and Cap was brought back LONG after the Starks' death. So how could Steve Rogers POSSIBLY have known that The Winter Soldier killed Tony's parents?

End Spoilers.

Okay, Bucky cared a little.
That one nitpick aside, Civil War has pushed ahead of The Winter Soldier as my favorite MCU movie. The bar for Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Black Panther, Ant-Man and The Wasp, and Captain Marvel is officially pretty damn high. Sorry Thor: Ragnarok... you'll never compare. Infinity War... we'll see.

Revenge Honey Rating: 5 T'CHALLA IS A DAMN DISNEY PRINCE's out of 5

Captain America: Civil War is currently in theaters, so if you haven't seen it yet,
get thee to a cineplex!

Note: If you're wondering why the Revenge Honey is reviewing this movie,
well, you probably haven't seen it yet. But vengeance is a big motivating factor.
Basically comic book film + revenge = one happy Revenge Honey