The Horror Honeys: Bates Motel: Season 4, Ep. 7 ~ "There's no place like home"

Bates Motel: Season 4, Ep. 7 ~ "There's no place like home"

A Horror TV Honey Recap with Jennica

In Season 4, Episode 7 of Bates Motel titled “There’s No Place Like Home,” Norman has accepted that he is prone to blackouts and that he is sometimes a little too in touch with his feminine nurturing side. However, being in a psychiatric facility can drive even the most psycho individual even madder. Itching to for a taste of home, Norman attempts to adapt to his hospital setting as he recreates his taxidermy dog via papier-mâché in the art room only to find strips of newspaper that, when pieced together, complete a puzzle revealing his mother’s marriage to the sheriff. In disbelief, Norman races to the nearest phone to contact his mother but the voice on the that picks up the receiver is a man’s, Alex Romero’s. Of course, when the phone is handed off to Norma, she puts on her best poker face because that’s what she does best… aside from making a killer home-cooked meal.

Eager to make her home into a happier one, Norma tells Romero of her aspirations to make curtains, plant fruit trees, make jam, and wear pearls while she vacuums if only she had the money. Little did Norma know, Romero happened to have a big bag full of money stashed away in the basement and, with Norma’s ambition, he now had a way to dispose of the money. And that’s about as close to selflessness as we will likely ever get in this TV series. Hesitant to accept Romero’s—or rather Bob Paris’s—dirty money at first, with her debt from the motel piling up, she could not say no. 

Did you say money?? I like money.
Now that Norman knows about his mother’s secret life without him, he is determined to claw his way out of Pineview, especially after confirming that his “stepfather” is the one who financed his three-month getaway. Norman informs Dr. Edwards that he wants out and begins writing a letter to prove that it would be in his best interest to be released. Meanwhile, Dylan confronts Norma that he knows about the letter from Emma’s mother that he found in Norman’s room and that he knows she stayed at the motel but never checked out. Norma attempts to cover his evidence in a curtain of lies, but she can’t back out this time. Instead, she evades Dylan’s accusation by assuring him that she will not allow Norman to return home anytime soon.

Although Norma dismisses the issue of Emma’s missing mother, Dylan keeps his promise to Emma in finding her mother’s whereabouts. Emma discovers that her mother’s phone number is no longer in service, so Dylan takes the next step in the search. When he finds the apartment building in Sacramento where Audrey was last residing, he contacts the apartment manager who informs him that she has not seen Audrey in some time. In fact, so much time has passed that Audrey was officially evicted the previous week and her belongings were being hauled away. We all know where Audrey currently resides—and will likely reside for all eternity—but Dylan has yet to connect the dots. But knowing her mother’s past history of selfishness and irresponsibility, Emma assumes that her mother did not really make the trip to White Pine Bay for her but rather for money.

Uh... Mrs. Emma's mom?
Norma may be able to make a solid effort to keep Norman away from society and away from her seemingly picture-perfect new life; however, the fact of the matter is that Norman is eighteen years old, a legal adult. He volunteered to admit himself and he can almost as easily get himself discharged. Hitting the nail on the coffin, Norman explains to Julian why he is confident in his own ability to be successfully released from the upper class prison at Pineview. Unlike Julian who suffers from bipolar disorder, causing extreme impulsive behavior, Norman straddles the line between dissociative identity disorder and sociopathy. Norman might be just as psychotic as the rest of the patients at Pineview, but he has the ability to maintain the composure of a “normal” member of the community. He shows everyone the upstanding citizen that they want to see while keeping his skeletons locked away just long enough for everyone to turn their backs.

Determined to keep Norman at bay, two-timing Norma explains to Norman that she only married Romero for the medical insurance all the while expressing her love to Romero each day on the home front… but Norman isn’t buying what she’s selling. Norma attempts to convince Norman to stay locked away for a little longer, but when the tears begin to fall from Norman’s eyes, Norma melts back into the puddle of motherly love that she once was. Remembering how much she misses having her son home, Norma agrees to allow Norman back into her life and into her home. Building a clever speech and more crocodile tears for Dr. Edwards, Norman is able to win over his approval as well. The hardest part is getting Romero to welcome Norman back.

My husband is going to kill me...

Will Dylan find out what really happened to Emma’s mother? Will Norman call the sheriff “father”?