The Horror Honeys: The Trust: Full-Blown Cage Meets Stylish Heist Film!

The Trust: Full-Blown Cage Meets Stylish Heist Film!

A Revenge Honey New Release Review with Linnie

The Trust (2016)

Believe it or not, kiddies, it took until April for us to get our first Nicolas Cage movie of 2016 (but according to IMDb, we have four more to look forward to by the end of the year). However, if the rest of 2016 brings us films like Alex and Benjamin Brewer's The Trust, then this is going to be a banner Nicky year indeed! Because The Trust isn't just a stylish and clever action/crime film, but it's a true return to form for the Nicolas Cage that many of us fell in love with via movies like Raising Arizona, Wild at Heart, and Red Rock West.

So join me as take a road trip back to Vegas with Nic that is so fantastic, it helped me overcome my Frodophobia for an hour and a half!

The Story: Jim Stone (Cage) and David Waters (Elijah Wood) are cops, but only in the technical sense, since they both spend most of their time in the evidence lock-up. But when Jim notices that a drug dealer has been bailed out with a huge sum of cash, he gets suspicious, and convinces David to help him suss out just where someone could be hiding so money out of the view of police. After a few hilariously awkward stakeouts, Jim and David discover an expertly hidden vault in a nondescript apartment building. But what they find inside the vault... well, that could be a lot more than they bargained for.

Only for the man on the right, would I tolerate the pod person on the left.
Heist films have been a staple of the art form since almost the beginning of narrative film, and while there have been some fantastic and enduring classics (Snatch, The Usual Suspects, The Killing, Die Hard, The Thomas Crown Affair remake... I could go on all day), but it's far more common to get them totally wrong (Armored, Now You See Me, fucking Mortdecai). In recent years, heist films have tended more toward the flashy, which is why they often fail. Or worse, they try to imitate the success of the Ocean's Eleven films, which themselves only collapsed under the weight of their own grandiosity as they went on. That is partly why The Trust felt like such a refreshing return to form, drawing to mind the madcap, Vegas-inspired nonsense of the original Ocean's 11, as well as the subtle humor of a film like William Wyler's How to Steal a Million.

Cage's facial hair is DEFINITELY 60s-esque.
Which isn't to say The Trust is a source of William Wyler-inspired family fun. It's not. It is a decidedly modern heist film, in that it is violent, bloody, sexy, and often brutal. What is especially impressive here, however, is that this is the Brewers' first outing as directors, and they managed to strike a perfect balance of humor, action, and delightful tension. Nothing about The Trust is expected, and outside of being gorgeously shot, it's just a really satisfying movie from beginning to end.

The film started at a NCPS Score of 3... But it didn't stay there for long.
And it has to be said, kudos to the Brewers for doing what few people in recent years have been able to do: they returned to us the Nicolas Cage of yesterday. The one that was never predictable, but who only lost control when it suited the role. The Nic Cage who didn't need the money, but made movies because he was having fun doing it. Did he make The Trust for fun? We'll probably never know. But he wasn't on auto-pilot, and Cage and Wood have a weird, nega-chemistry that is utterly amusing. Even when The Trust gets convoluted (in a way that I enjoyed, frankly), Cage's goofy excitement and Wood's exasperated panic will keep you totally engaged.

I still don't like him, but the sunglasses lessen my Frodophobia.
While some have complained about the film's ending, I found it just plausible and just depressing enough to satisfy my desire for conclusions that don't wrap everything up in a neat bow. If you are a huge fan of heist films, you will probably see the ending coming. But that doesn't make the ride any less enjoyable. And when it comes to a heist film, what more can you ask for?

Revenge Honey Rating: 5 Full-Blown Cages out of 5

Nicolas Cage Performance Spectrum Score: A blustery CATEGORY FOUR...
Not quite out of control, but damn near close

The Trust will be in theaters in the US on May 13, 2016!

What is your favorite heist film?
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