The Horror Honeys: The Cutting Room: Stop Hiding Your Killer Until The End!

The Cutting Room: Stop Hiding Your Killer Until The End!

A Slasher Honey New Release Review by Chassity

The Cutting Room (2015)

I like to research movies as much as possible before I select them to review. I prefer to leave as little as possible up to chance. If I’m not at least almost fully confident that I will love a movie going into it, I pass on it. It’s not that I mind being wrong, because I don’t. 

And boy am I often wrong. 

I am not sure I have ever been more wrong than in the case of The Cutting Room. 
As I was doing my normal Sunday scroll through the list of movies I’ve been meaning to get around to but haven’t yet, this one caught my eye because it seemed to be among the rarest of rare: the found footage slasher. I was sure I was in for a film that would put other found footage films, even The Blair Witch project, to shame. 

Not quite. 

I will say that it was better than Blair Witch, but not by much. Which is fine, because saying it was better than that movie wouldn’t be much of a compliment anyway. 

So, what do we have? Three students, Charlie, Jess, and Raz (who, in a straightforward, generic slasher would be the prudish final girl, the “slut”, and the pretty boy jock respectively), are working on a documentary project for a film class. Their topic: cyber bullying. Because it’s, like, all the rage now. 

They decide to focus on a young girl by the name of Rosy Clarke, who left school after being bullied online by other students, then she went missing entirely. Our three aspiring filmmakers investigate what happened to her, including being so bold as to intrude on her father and sibling, to the point of involving the police with their findings, until ultimately landing themselves in the exact locale where Rosy was taken, and finding out too late that they’ve stumbled on the lair of a psycho slasher who gets his jollies torturing young virgin girls. 

In all fairness, I must admit that my dislike of this movie is the inevitable result of my own unfair expectations. I’ve said before that I would love to see more found footage slashers. And the premise alone (some filmmakers letting their own curiosity and sense that they are entitled to answers lead them right to a serial killer’s murder house) seem filled with so much promise. I just knew that I would be in for some good old fashioned mystery, drama, and violence. 

What I got was a horror film that doesn’t even turn into horror until the very end, and in the meantime is full of pointless dialogue, scenes of the three main characters arguing and telling each other to shut up, and talking about what they’re going to do next (which always ends up being talking to someone else instead of actually DOING anything). 

She looks bored...
And speaking of all the boring talking, one of the most bothersome things is that in each interview, the three are given such little information, but conveniently enough, every single time, what little they’re told is enough to lead them to the next person, and the next person, until they finally get to Rosy only to find out she is dead. They are somehow able to find her despite the fact that the police couldn’t. Right. 

And then, just when the film has become so disappointing that anyone watching has reached a point of thinking we’ll never even get to meet the killer, that’s when we arrive at the murder house. Except… what follows is just a series of anticlimactic scenes of the characters running around in a mazelike setting, and then running into the killer, who, instead of attacking them and killing them, just stands there all menacing-like and watches them running away screaming. Until finally he decided to kill them… in the last five minutes. 

It is rare that a movie is so bad that I start thinking about it in relation to my own mortality and what I could have done with the time I wasted watching said flick. But this one falls into that category. Just thinking about the time I wasted on it makes me angry. Seriously. I want that hour and a half back.
The thing is, this could have been a great movie if it had spent less time on the mystery part, which it did not develop successfully, and more time on the actual scenes with the killer. There was a good movie in there some way. But since The Cutting Room didn’t do a good job of deciding exactly what it wanted to be, all of that potential went to waste. 

Slasher Honey Rating: 1 Out of 5 Shaky Cameras