The Horror Honeys: Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy History at Seattle's EMP!

Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy History at Seattle's EMP!

A Revenge Honey Photo Journey with Linnie

The Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, WA
I don't know about you, but for me, it's easy to live in a city for an extended period of time and never really experience much of what that city has to offer. I work from home, which means I don't venture out much, and when I do, it's rarely to do "touristy" things, especially when those things cost money. But the arrival of the Revenge Dad for a visit meant I was finally given an excuse to check out some of the more jazzy things that Seattle is known for, and one such thing was the Experience Music Project Museum.

Now, I had assumed that the EMP was, as the name implied, focused solely on music. However, imagine my surprise when I checked out the website and discovered that, in addition to exhibits dedicated to the history of music, there were THREE separate sections related to horror, sci-fi, and fantasy film history! It took minimal convincing to get the Revenge Dad on board, mostly because I was making this face:

And Revenge Dad finds it hard to say no to this face.
So off we went to the EMP for an entire afternoon. These are the pictures I took to share with you naughty monkeys. (Pardon the blurry... it was dark and I was shweating with excitement. That's shaking and sweating.)

"Have fun," says Eliot!

The entrance to the horror history exhibit at the EMP
The hallway leading in... buncha babies, the lot.
Shaun's shirt from Shaun of the Dead... it has red on it.
The original FX board from Bride of Frankenstein
Leatherface's mask from (I believe) the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Yeah, that's a Xenomorph. Good thing that glass was there, because I wanted to hug her.
Scavenger Demon from Constantine... Hugs were also considered here.
Angel of Death from Hellboy II: The Golden Army. This is where tears began welling.
Oh that? Just handwritten pages from Bram Stoker. Tears then began streaking.
Lighting fixtures made from Hannibal masks... Want ten. 
Inquisition chair from Hostel... Eli Roth is one of the sponsors of the exhibit
The floor from Suspiria was projected on to the actual floor. I giggled.
The Fly II ~ Not quite as good as Brundlefly... But Martinfly had his moments.
One of the original sentinel spheres from Phantasm!
Jason's mask & machete from the Friday the 13th remake. 
The camera that started it all... Grumble Blair Witch Project
A zombie costume from the set of Michael Jackson's iconic Thriller video!
Things that were immediately texted to Chassity...
Heeeeere's Jack Nicholson's axe from The Shining!
Hewwo wittle cutie wootie! Do you wanna come home with me?

Next up: The history of sci-fi in film!
Sorry for the blurry, BUT IT WAS A FUCKING TERMINATOR!
Mars Attacks! Not my favorite Burton, but those aliens are damn cute.
Revenge Dad: "Hey! I saw THAT one in the theater! It scared the shit out of me!"
Katee Sackhoff's Viper suit from Battlestar Galactica... here is where full-on crying starting.
Number Six's (Tricia Helfer) dress from Battlestar Galactica... more crying.
Something tells me these are still less likely to explode than the ones on the market.
Ripley's flamethrower!!
Minitures from the original Alien
As well-preserved as Casper Van Dien... a bug from Starship Troopers!
By Grabthar's hammer!
Hanging with Greedo! I shot first... the picture that is. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.
Do do, do do do do do doooo... Wait, wrong movie. 
And finally, the giant wooden door into the world of Fantasy!
My, what a lovely hat!
Sirius Black's cloak... more tears.
Original shooting script from Labyrinth with Jim Henson's handwritten notes...
All semblance of coolness gone. Much crying. 
I <3 a good pun.
Looking good, Mr. Lion!
Would wear.
Would wear every day.
Pan's Labyrinth... no, that's okay. My eye makeup was ruined anyway.
And believe it or not, this isn't even REMOTELY close to everything offered for fans in all three exhibits. These are just the pieces I managed to control my shaking enough to grab shots of. If you are in the Seattle area, you absolutely must stop by the EMP and check everything out. I asked an employee if the exhibits were likely to leave in the near future and she said she didn't think so, which is enough reason to get their ASAP, if you ask me. Additionally, an exhibit titled Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds will opening May 21, so I know I will be heading back soon!

Visit the Experience Music Project Museum's website for more information on tickets, discounts, and other exhibits! In the meantime, a few bonus shots:

The "In Utero" angel from the Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses exhibit
A giant, unsettling Hello Kitty statue presented as part of the
Hello! Experiencing the Supercute World of Hello Kitty exhibit

Have you been to these exhibits at the EMP?
What was YOUR favorite part?
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