The Horror Honeys: Gamer Honey Jam ~ '(I Always Kill) The Things I Love'

Gamer Honey Jam ~ '(I Always Kill) The Things I Love'

Some folk would die for the sake of another
Lay down their life for their sisters and brothers
For me sacrifice is something quite other
'Cause I love to kill the things I love
The look in your eyes will turn to surprise
As you feel the pain and you realize
The one hurtin' you is somebody who once said "I love you..."

L.A. Noire is a game that I loved so much, I've played it all the way through twice now, even though not all that much changes on replay. Part of the reason I loved it was because I'm nostalgic for a Los Angeles I will never know, not the Los Angeles of now. But most of the reason is the gorgeous, pain-staking detail that the developers went to in order to re-create the world of 40s LA. It was only on the second play, when I could spend more time paying attention to those details, that I noticed the fantastic soundtrack. One of my favorite songs created for L.A. Noire is "(I Always Kill) The Things I Love" by The Real Tuesday Weld, featuring the vocals of Claudia Br√ľken. Three separate songs were written for the game by The Real Tuesday Weld, but I think you will quickly see... this one is just the perfect Honey Love Song. ~RH