The Horror Honeys: Friday Favorites: Best Twist Endings Edition

Friday Favorites: Best Twist Endings Edition

In recent years, and thanks to a certain director who shall remain nameless (except for that meme in the corner), the concept of the twist ending has become rather cliche. If a horror director wants to make an impression on an audience right before they walk out the door, BOOM, throw in a twist. Unfortunately, most horror fans just find that the twist is a lazy and annoying way to wrap up your movie when you've run out of plausible options. "He's been dead the whole time!" "It was all a dream!" "He's been dead the whole time AND it was all a dream!" (Don't laugh... that's happened more than once.)

Every so often, however, a twist ending is done right and that, darklings, is magical. So this week, the Honeys have compiled their favorite twist endings (obviously, spoilers ahead.) Some are sick, some are terrifying, but all of them totally caught us off guard the first time we saw them! Do you have a favorite twist ending from a horror film?

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Head Honey KatThe Others
Suck it, James Wan. THAT is how you do a terrifying old woman.

Revenge Honey Linnie ~ The Best Offer
You should see the twist coming... but you don't. You don't.

Supernatural Honey SuzanneSe7en
Don't know about you, but I know what I say every time UPS shows up at my door!

Sci-Fi Honey Katie - Black Christmas
Couldn't find a clip from the finale of 'Black Christmas,' so, listen to the Pink Nightmare and shut up.

The audience's first lesson in not trusting McConaughey. Or Paxton. 

Gamer Honey KaleyThe Orphanage
Knock. Harder.
Well, not for another six movies anyway.

Zombie Honey Bella ~ Dead & Buried
Charlie Bucket's Grandpa developed some weird hobbies in his old age.

Horror TV Honey Jennica ~ Drag Me to Hell
Maybe you should have just given the old woman her loan extension.