The Horror Honeys: BATES MOTEL Recap: Season 4, Ep. 5 ~ “Refraction”

BATES MOTEL Recap: Season 4, Ep. 5 ~ “Refraction”

A Horror TV Honey Recap with Jennica

The fourth season of the Psycho-inspired series Bates Motel is now half over and has turned the world of those in White Pine Bay upside down and has left viewers such as yours ghouly rather tense. Last week’s episode titled “Refraction” was especially intense as old memories were dug up and dirty little secrets were spilled. Just when we thought Norma Bates was finally getting the fairytale lifestyle that she has likely dreamed about as the sheriff’s wife posing for photos among high society, she once again discovers that the men in her life are trouble. Desperate to leave the past behind her, Norma’s skeletons just keep on surfacing and we can’t wait to see how she tries to bury them next.

After their home was broken into and ransacked, Norma suspects that the invasion is somehow tied to the death—or murder—of Bob Paris. However, Romero insists that, as the town sheriff, it must have to do with him. Perhaps there is a criminal on the loose trying to antagonize him for enforcing a law. Or perhaps there is something that he is keeping from his new bride. Suspecting that his old flame Rebecca was the home invasion culprit, Romero warns her that she could easily trade her fancy clothes for an orange jumpsuit. Little does Romero know, Norma is wiser than he thought and she gets him to finally confess to her that he killed Bob Paris. Lucky for Romero, Norma is no stranger to troublesome men and accepts that maybe that’s as good as marriage gets. But whoever tore apart Norma’s home, did they have to break her favorite stained glass window?

Who did this!?!
At a loss to find someone to repair her beloved stained glass window, Norma receives a knock at the door from an unkempt bearded man with a nasty bruise on his face. And his name is Chick. Chick explains that he received the wound on his face from a vicious dog on the side of the road, but unlike Norma, we know that dog’s name was Caleb, Norma’s brother / Dylan’s father. Eager to restore her faith in humanity, Norma allows Chick to come into her home and work on her window and as the window is completed, Norma is able to see his motives more clearly. Chick reveals that he knows her son Dylan through the marijuana industry and that he is aware that she is Dylan’s mother. On a mission, Chick has a proposition for Norma as he questions her about Caleb’s whereabouts. But as Norma whips up a stream of crocodile tears, mum’s the word on the subject for now.

Meanwhile, Norman is surprisingly making progress in his therapy sessions with Dr. Edwards… until he describes his mother-son relationship as “typical,” leaving Dr. Edwards and all of us watching skeptical. Norman reveals that his co-dependent relationship with his mother is likely related to the fact that his father died, expressing his regrets for scaring his mother and causing her to worry more than necessary. Redirecting the focus of his therapy, Norman refutes his previous report that his mother is a murderer and the county law enforcement backs up his new claim, stating that Norma lacks a criminal record and that there is not any evidence pointing to her in any murder cases. Of course, there is a first time for everything.

After his session, Norman immediately calls his mother but reaches her voice mailbox and leaves the most heartbreaking message a teenage boy could. Freddie Highmore’s performance has been intense and emotional in every season thus far, however, Season 4 has proven to be his most Emmy-worthy year yet. Anyone who has every caused their parents distress or emotional suffering likely speed-dialed their mother or father following this episode. Leave your tears at the beep.

I'm sorry, mommy!
Upon pouring his heart out to his mother over the phone, Norma visits Norman at the Pineview facility and they go for a stroll in the courtyard. Norman reveals that he is making strides in therapy but he is worried about telling Dr. Edwards the truth about their relationship and their past. Although his mother urges Norman to do whatever the doctors suggest, Norman is still reluctant to betray her confidence. All his mother asks of him is that he does whatever it takes to convince Dr. Edwards that he is stable and ready to be discharged. After his pleasant visit with mommy dearest, however, Dr. Edwards explains to Norman that Norma Bates was not on the list of visitors that day and that she was never on the premises. Refusing to believe that his mother had not visited, Norman recoils to his comfort zone as he becomes her in his session.

But I saw her! Am I crazy too?
Emma is finally returning home from the hospital only to find her father has already put their house on the market. And as Emma and Dylan get serious, she stalls to avoid any less than PG-13 behavior. While Dylan anxiously awaits the right time to take the relationship to the next level, Emma’s dad gives Dylan the talk… but not of the birds and bees variety. When Dylan reveals that he has a job interview in Seattle but shows concern about bringing a resume that reeks of wacky tobacky, Emma’s dad offers some less than fatherly advice, suggesting that he should lie on his interview. Although Dylan appreciates the advice, his conscience takes over mid-interview and he takes the honesty route in telling the interviewer that his work experience involves harvesting an illegal substance. We don’t know yet if honesty earned Dylan the job, but it did earn him a gander at Emma’s goods… and her massive surgery scar.

Will Dylan finally get a legal job? 
Will Norman stop denying his insanity? 
And who broke Norma’s window!?