The Horror Honeys: The X-Files Recap: Season 10, Ep. 6 ~ “My Struggle II”

The X-Files Recap: Season 10, Ep. 6 ~ “My Struggle II”

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After a short-lived Season 10, I was warned by a mob of angry X-philes in the Twitterverse that Episode 6 would make me want to yell, flail, and—according to one person—throw a shoe at my TV. Despite my resistance to throw a shoe because I like having nice things, I should have listened to the masses to spare myself the frustration. However, I was determined to finish what I started and I NEEDED to know the truth… but the truth never really came. If the Season 10 (or series?) finale succeeds at anything, it gives the first episode of the season a stronger purpose and confirms the predictions of alien colonization in the previous season finale. But the question that had been lingering on our minds throughout this long-anticipated X-Files revival has been left unanswered and it is not okay. Where in the bloody freaking galaxy is Mulder and Scully’s kid!? We want to keep believing the truth is out there, but can we trust Chris Carter to finally give it to us?

We demand the truth!

This final (?) episode of The X-Files opens with a voice-over narration from special agent Dana Scully, mirroring the season’s first episode in which special agent Fox Mulder told his story about how he came to be a part of the X-Files unit. Of course, Scully’s experience is quite different in that she initially joined the unit as a skeptic sent to spy on Mulder due to government fear that his conspiracy theories could cause him mental instability. But as Mulder’s partner, Scully saw things that she could not unsee, things that lacked an alternative explanation outside the possibility of paranormal activity. She became pregnant with Mulder’s son and she was abducted and injected with alien DNA, passing it on to the baby. While the idea of alien life forms fascinated Mulder, Scully preferred to shield herself from “science fiction.”

When Scully arrives to work late due to the parking structure being closed off, she finds that everyone’s office has been essentially deserted. She enters Mulder’s office to discover that his computer has been left behind and on the screen is a video from the FOX News style Tad O’Malley show. Scully presses play on the monitor and proceeds to watch Tad use his crazy Glenn Beck voice to carry on about the government forcing alien DNA into the veins of a select few and that no one is safe, spreading mass hysteria all over the country. Then the phone rings. It’s Tad O’Malley and he wants to meet with Scully once more but this time it won’t be for drinks and a limo ride. Scully meets with Tad and explains that Mulder has gone missing. Both Walter Skinner and Scully attempt to contact Mulder but to no avail. 

Meanwhile, Mulder is on the run and looking rather feverish with bloody bruise-like marks covering his face. He arrives at a familiar home from the first episode of the season only to find that someone is there waiting for him. Being a well-trained agent, Mulder reacts quickly as a brawl breaks out between him and this mystery man. Ultimately, Mulder loses as he is escorted to the den where sits “Old Smokey,” who shares a long history with Mulder and told him of the predicted alien colonization. Lighting up through a hole in his neck like a living 90s PSA, the old man would like to offer Mulder the opportunity to add alien DNA to his blood, to secure a seat at “the big table.” Looking on the cusp of death, Mulder ponders the idea for just a second. If he was injected with alien DNA, he could spend the rest of his days with Scully, the love of his life. On the other hand, allowing the government to inject him with a substance that they likely have yet to fully understand would go against his principles. Mulder decides that he will always care for Scully but, as a truth seeker, he had to decline.

Nah, I choose death.
Back at the hospital, Scully is approached by a military man with a large possibly infected wound on his arm and she soon notices that the facility is packed with patients who appear to have contracted some kind of harmful disease eating away at their immune systems. Scully rushes to the lab with agent Einstein, whom I had hoped would become an irrelevant character. Despite Einstein’s proclamations that Scully must be just as out of her mind as Mulder, Scully continues to draw Einstein’s blood to test her for alien DNA. Awaiting the results, Scully receives a phone call from an even bigger blast from the past than Tad. The voice on the other end of the phone asks Scully to meet with her and that she is someone who has helped Scully before. The voice is that of Monica Reyes.

Who are you calling "alien," alien?
Scully meets with Monica who refreshes her memory of Old Smokey and reveals that she had been working for him. Although her experience with the manipulative old man was less than pleasant, what she learned from him could save the entire nation. Old Smokey has played a major role in the initiation of the alien colonization of the human race and alien DNA is likely the only antidote to the immune system failure killing civilians. Scully rushes back to the hospital to inform a now deliriously ill agent Einstein, making Einstein’s blood test results pointless. Acting quickly, Scully devises a plan to save the nation with alien DNA from her own DNA. Unfortunately, when examining her DNA under a microscope, the alien segments are impossible to identify due to the small sample size. So, Scully must go big or phone home.

Finding Mulder nearly unconscious on Old Smokey’s couch, agent Miller (who I also thought and maybe hoped I would not see again) explains to Mulder that he is here to rescue him in bromance fashion. Of course, Old Smokey is not about to let Miller walk away with a potential asset that easily. After some gun waving and grumpy old man bickering, however, Old Smokey gives in and gives up. Helping Mulder into the car, Miller bids farewell to the old man who then gets the last laugh, asking Miller to give Mulder his regards when Mulder is on his death bed. 

Driving over a bridge in a traffic jam only made possible in an apocalypse, Scully reaches out to Miller who is on the same bridge. A sort of rash appearing on his face, Miller explains that he is with a deathly diseased Mulder and that they both require assistance. Getting out of the car, Scully searches for Miller, finally spotting him in between rows of stagnant vehicles. Kneeling by Mulder’s side, Scully sets him up with an IV containing the alien DNA cure-all. Feeling out of the loop, Miller questions how Scully was able to acquire such a substance. Scully goes on to explain that she was injected with alien DNA against her will and that she and Mulder had a child together who also carries a part of her alien DNA… and that she and Mulder do not know where their son resides. As Mulder gets out of the car, he looks up at the sky and a massive UFO hovers directly overheard shining a white beam of light over Scully and him.   

Finally! We get the truth!... And... nope.

Is Mulder and Scully’s son flying the friendly skies in a spaceship? 
Is the truth up there? 
Have we seen the last of The X-Files?
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