The Horror Honeys: The Walking Dead S6, E11 – Knots Untie

The Walking Dead S6, E11 – Knots Untie

A TWD Episode Recap with Suzanne

In last week’s episode, The Next World, we were introduced to Jesus. We were also left in the wake of the apocalypse’s newest power couple, “Richonne.” While the first two episodes of this half of the season have been full of action and adventure, this week’s episode was much more toned down, yet still had its share of WTF moments. Plus, we finally got a glimpse of Hilltop.

We start with Abraham and Sasha at the end of their patrol. Abraham is telling war stories and there is an undeniable chemistry between the two. Sadly, Sasha drops the bomb that she is going to be starting a new shift and Eugene will be taking her place on patrol. Abraham looks like he’s been punched in the gut over this news and Sasha seems sad about it too, but she did warn Abraham he would need to sort out his stuff at home before she would even consider him, which means he needs to decide what to do about Rosita. Clearly, he wasn’t rattled enough to not go home and have sex with Rosita, who is smitten with him. She even made him a necklace out of a broken taillight. I guess since she doesn’t contribute much else, arts and crafts are a good way for her to spend her time. 

Jesus took a self-guided tour of Alexandria, checking out the arsenal and food supply. He explains he’s from another community called Hilltop, and that his job is to find other communities to trade with. This takes everyone by surprise, as they seem to think they’re the only people left trying to rebuild. Jesus wants to them to work together because they’re “on the same side.” Naturally, everyone is a little skeptical, but they’re running low on food and decide they need to take the risk. 

Manbuns of the Apocalypse... tonight at 11.
A majority of the main cast, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Abraham, Glenn and Maggie, load into the RV with Jesus. On the way to Hilltop, they find an overturned truck, which Jesus recognizes. Concerned that it might be a trap, they plan to leave, but once more give Jesus the benefit of the doubt and search for survivors. They find them hiding in a building, kill the walkers and get the Hilltopper's to the RV. As luck would have it, one of the guys they saved is not only a doctor, but an obstetrician, a rather lucky happenstance for Glenn and Maggie.

Arriving at Hilltop, they are not warmly welcomed by its residents, who are wielding spears, not guns. Jesus convinces them to open the gates and we finally get a look inside. Hilltop looks like a colonial fort, complete with crops and livestock. We also get a look inside Barrington House, the colonial mansion, which is the center of Hilltop and home to douchebag, Gregory (Xander Berkeley), who wastes no time in insulting Rick and company by asking them to wash up before he’ll speak to them. Maggie is elected to speak on their behalf, but she is promptly dismissed and disrespected.

A few of the Hilltop residents return from dropping off to supplies to Negan. He kept one of the men as a hostage and promises to return him safely if Gregory is killed. Ethan, brother to the man being held, stabs Gregory in the gut. A fight breaks out between Rick’s crew and the guys from Hilltop. Not exactly adept at fighting, the Hilltop guys lose in short order. This gives Maggie some leverage with Gregory. The Alexandria gang will invade Negan’s camp, get back Hilltop’s man, and kill Negan for half of the food supply. She also gets an ultrasound out of the deal.

They see me rollin'... with Jesus... 
The group heads back to Alexandria with new supplies and a plan of action. Obviously, this isn’t going to end well. 

Final thoughts/questions:
  • Carl finds out about Rick and Michonne when Jesus says he’s waiting for Carl’s “mom and dad” to get dressed. The rest of the gang finds out after Daryl, Glenn, Abraham, and Maggie bust in, guns drawn and Rick and Michonne enter, pulling on their clothes. Surprise, everybody!
  • Abraham struggles with his life choices the entire episode and, in true Abraham form, uses more than a few colorful phrases. He asks Glenn if Maggie’s pregnancy was planned by using the grossest metaphor ever. “When you were pouring the Bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?” 
  • Abraham also has a few “come to Jesus” moments (no pun intended). After being nearly choked to death by a Hilltopper, a realization crosses his face and we see Rosita’s necklace left on the ground. He also gets a big, shit-eating grin on his face after seeing Maggie’s ultrasound.
  • Conversely, Daryl appears to be over babies.
  • Rick wanted Carl to go to Hilltop with them, but Carl decides to stay behind because he doesn’t want the people to see a kid with a “messed up face” and make a bad impression. That was an incredibly sad moment. I’m starting to like Carl

  • In the RV, Rick reaches over and puts his hand on Michonne’s knee and she takes his hand. They smile at each other and all I could think was, “We get it, but you’re not on a family road trip. Hands at ten and two, Rick.”
  • Rick cuts Ethan’s throat and ends up covered in blood once again. I don’t hate when that happens.
Lo, I have parted the waters... 
  • Daryl was very vocal about killing Negan and Rick told Jesus that Daryl killed some of Negan’s men. Is this more setup for Daryl’s potential demise?
  • Kudos to production designer, Grace Walker, who created yet another stunning and amazingly detailed set.
  • Can’t they afford a better wig for Jesus? This ain't the CW.

How do YOU feel about this episode of TWD?