The Horror Honeys: Revenge Honey Jam - 'If Looks Could Kill'

Revenge Honey Jam - 'If Looks Could Kill'

Don't you know that you really upset her 
When you act like a man who is cross 
With every woman he's never had 
If it's true looks could kill 
And you will be the first to make me mad 
Then you'll have to go 

I think if there were one super power that a Horror Honey wishes she had, it's probably the power just to murder someone with a solid dose of stink eye. Then again, if that were the case for me, there would be no one left on the planet but the other Honeys, my dog, and Chris Sarandon. Just the same, this deceptively peppy alterna-pop song from Camera Obscura is just the tune to blast when you want to murder someone, but look really happy while doing it. ~RH