The Horror Honeys: Friday Favorites: Horror Books to Horror Films!

Friday Favorites: Horror Books to Horror Films!

It's not all about movies here at, and the Honeys are a delicate group of unique and multi-faceted motherfucking flowers, not to mention a kickass bunch of smart poisoned cookies.  It's no secret that some of the best horror films have their roots in literature; after all, that's where the original horror stories come from.  Poe, Shelley, King, Koontz, Barker, Lovecraft, Stoker, the list is endless - and let's not forget to mention the ancient myths and legends that were the forbears of these classic monsters. The original seeds of man's fears were borne in oral and literary traditions all over the world.  This week, we pay tribute to our favorite pieces of literature that became (sometimes - there are always exceptions) some of our favorite pieces of terrifying cinema.

Head Honey KatThe Shadow Over Innsmouth

Revenge Honey Linnie ~ The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Sci-Fi Honey 2.0 Katie ~ Pet Sematary

Zombie Honey Bella ~ The Thing From Another World

Horror TV Honey Jennica ~ The Amityville Horror

Monster Honey Sarah ~ Coraline