The Horror Honeys: Friday Favorites: Animal Horror

Friday Favorites: Animal Horror

Let's be real here folks, the scariest thing about animals is that 99% of the time, they couldn't give a shit about humans. They go about their fluffy, furry, or in the case of amphibians, slimy, lives, and mostly would just like to be left alone. With the exception of domesticated house pets, the entirety of the animal kingdom could get along just fine without man getting all up in their business. (Factor domestic house cats into that, and you get an extra level of "fuck you" attitude that propels off into statistics better left to mathematicians.)

Nope, seeing as some scientists estimate that there is one human for every 100,000 animals on earth (and we aren't even sure if this counts sea creatures), it seems unlikely that the four-legged set will be needing our help any time soon. And this is why most folks are pretty terrified of movies that feature an animal as the main antagonist. Be it shark, lion, crocodile, sheep, or flesh-eating mutant killer bunny, every human knows in the back of their mind that all it would take is one Planet of the Apes level uprising, and we are fuuuuuucked. So the Revenge Honey says, keep eating your steaks and testing your lipstick on puppies and wearing boots made of goat stomach. When our new animal overlords crack the whip, she'll be laughing at you from her cushy apartment where President Grumpy Cat lets the friendlies live.

Until that day of glorious revolution, however, tweet at the Horror Honeys with YOUR favorite fuzzy or gooey horror film, #animalhorror!

Head Honey Kat - Black Sheep

Revenge Honey Linnie - Night of the Lepus

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn - Arachnophobia

Supernatural Honey Suzanne - Pet Sematary

Gamer Honey Kaley - Jaws