The Horror Honeys: DAMIEN: Season 1, Ep. 2 ~ “Second Death”

DAMIEN: Season 1, Ep. 2 ~ “Second Death”

A Horror TV Honey Recap with Jennica

The season premiere of Damien proved to not only be the bore-fest that I had expected it to be but it was also highly redundant, heavily consisting of flashbacks from the first film and ignoring the following two films. As the season progresses with Episode 2 titled “Second Death,” the show continues to acknowledge the film’s scene in which Damien’s father attempts to murder him with the daggers of Megiddo. With secrets unraveling in this follow-up to the previous episode, the series piques my curiosity ever so slightly but not enough to leave me begging for more.

Episode 2 opens with a dark and stormy cemetery scene in Chile in which a family and a priest attempt to exorcise a demon from a loved one on the verge of death. After repeated prayers and pleas, the possessed victim is lifted from the burial plot and appears to have been freed from the influence of evil. Why this scene is relevant to the remainder of last week’s episode is left a mystery. However, it seems that the show may have a running theme of satanic influence around the world that may be somehow tied to Damien Thorn.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Damien spends a few days hiding out in his apartment studying the Bible in search of meaning to his newly discovered birth rite. In the holy book, Damien discovers that a man named Damien was found riding upon a pale horse, just as he rode upon a pale horse on the carousel at his birthday party years ago when his governess professed her love for him just before leaping to her death. Finally taking a break from his reading, Damien reluctantly attends Kelly’s funeral, fearing that the rest of the attendees may blame him since he was the last to see her alive and the cause of her death remains unexplainable. Prior to the funeral, a mysterious man in a grey hooded sweatshirt enters the confessional booth of the church and informs the priest that the antichrist is near and proceeds to reveal one of the seven daggers of Megiddo. Looking alarmed, the priest explains to the hooded man that the other six daggers are nowhere to be found and instructs him to aim for the heart… or “where the heart should be.” Just as the strange man begins his Hail Mary routine to conclude the meeting, the priest begins to convulse and falls dead onto the floor.

Yeah, we're all doomed. 
With the funeral about to begin, the attendees walk up the steps and into the church but something has caught Damien’s eye for a moment. He spots the mysterious hooded man standing by the rot iron fence outside the church with his back turned but when he glances over at the fence for a second time, the man seems to have vanished. Prior to entering the church, Damien begins to recall his first time at a church with his parents and the panic that washed over him as they attempted to lure him inside. Brushing off his feelings of uneasiness, Damien remembers why he is at the church, to pay his respects to his fallen friend, and he walks through the church doors. Once inside, the hooded man turns out to not be the only person to catch Damien’s attention at the funeral as he notices Ann Rutledge, his supposed protector, sitting in one of the pews in the very back of the church, smiling at him. While sitting in the pew, Damien begins to sweat and hyperventilate and quickly flees the church for some fresh Jesus-free air. Following him out the door is Ann Rutledge, who explains that she too cannot handle funerals but that there is a reason that the two of them share that ailment before she vanishes like the hooded man.
Let's skip church and go raise Hell!
While at the funeral reception, Damien’s friends gather around to tell stories of war zone activity and their near-death experiences as journalists when it comes to everyone’s attention that Damien has spent his life in some of the most dangerous areas of the world and has never received a scratch. Perhaps he is just lucky as he claims… or perhaps he has the power of Satan on his side. Preparing to escape the uncomfortable social situation, Damien is approached by his employer who hands him a check with a large sum scribbled on it from Ann Rutledge, who has bought his entire catalogue of photographs. When he first attempts to call Ann at the phone number that she left him, the receptionist tells him that there is no one there by that name. However, when he clarifies that he is Damien Thorn, the receptionist agrees to take his message and deliver it to Ann. After Damien leaves and the funeral reception comes to a close, Kelly’s sister Simone and her friend Amani stumble upon a notepad from Kelly’s travel bag with notes about the antichrist and the words that the old woman uttered to Damien in Syria: “Damien, I love you. It’s all for you.”

Damien then decides to take his camera and follow the hooded man who he first saw outside the church. He is stopped by a homeless man who becomes hysterical and warns Damien that the end is coming and that he should stay away. As night falls, Damien continues to follow the mysterious man but the tables are turned when the man begins to go after him with the single dagger of Megiddo. The man repeatedly swings the dagger at Damien in a fight to the death but the man seems to have underestimated Damien’s power. Fighting for his life, Damien uses his strength to push the man on the road as a car hits him head-on, causing him to bleed out onto the street. This being the second death in which Damien was a witness, as the episode’s title implies, the police attempt to interrogate him but Ann Rutledge comes to his rescue, acting as his attorney and pulls him away from the scene of the “accident.” Lying on the stretcher in the ambulance, the man appears to have two matching tattoos with the letters “P” and “X” but the meaning behind the markings remains unknown.

Don't go drugs, kids.
Finally fed up with Ann’s games, Damien demands answers regarding his parents and her invested interest in him. Ann reveals that Damien was adopted in Rome and that his birth mother died in labor, that his mother did not know that he was switched with her real child. Eager to lure Damien away from the forces of good, she convinces Damien to follow her if he would like more answers to his existence. As the episode comes to an end, Ann reveals that Damien is responsible for his mother’s death and that she is essentially Mrs. Baylock incarnate.

Will Damien be lured to the dark side? Will his friends discover his true identity and turn against him? And who was the hooded man really working for?