The Horror Honeys: BATES MOTEL Recap: Season 4, Ep. 3 ~ “Til Death Do You Part”

BATES MOTEL Recap: Season 4, Ep. 3 ~ “Til Death Do You Part”

A Horror TV Honey Recap with Jennica

Unlike Season 3, which seemed to go nowhere fast, this season has stayed closer to what we know about Norman Bates downward spiral into psychosis from the film franchise. In episode 3 titled “Til Death Do You Part,” we see the progression of Norma’s life post-Norman, as Norman sits in the Pineview psychiatric facility stewing over his feelings of betrayal. We see a happier Norma, a more romantic Norma, a better Norma. But we all know by now that Norma’s seemingly normal façade is never more than temporary as Romero is only beginning to learn about the skeletons in Norma’s closet. Perhaps when it comes to marriage and romantic relationships, the third time’s the charm since this episode implies that Romero may have a few skeletons of his own.

The episode opens with a panning view of a mother’s empty nest, Norman’s vacant bedroom; a bed without a body to ruffle the sheets and a heartbroken Norma standing in the doorway. Quickly, the scene transitions to Norman who currently resides indefinitely within the confinement of Pineview’s psychiatric facility, where he is treated as a threat to himself and others. Meanwhile, Norma and Norman have agreed to officially tie the knot and play house for the sake of Norman’s mental health. Although Norma is reluctant to play along at first, her “acting” in the role of Romero’s wife becomes much more real with feelings of true romance arising. And finally the thing that we have been waiting for since Norma’s first encounter with the sheriff happened; thing that has caused me to spend many nights yelling at my TV screen in hopes that it would happen: the Normero kiss. 


Back in the psychiatric facility, Norman begins his first rounds of therapy that—unlike his past experience with therapists—gives Norman a taste of what therapy is supposed to be like in a professional setting rather than small talk from mom’s creepy boyfriend. Clearly holding onto a time bomb of anger toward his mother, Norman is as first determined to outwit his new therapist Dr. Edwards by refusing to speak. Norman’s therapist may struggle to get through to Norman, but his new friend in the big house Julian hits close to home with ease. Having much typical teen angst against his parents, Julian’s attitude toward family appears inviting to Norman. 

In his second session with Dr. Edwards, however, Norman has a breakthrough that cuts my heart like a shard of glass every time I re-watch it. Norman spares Dr. Edwards the details of his relationship with his mother, but he does reveal his frustration with the pressure he feels over always trying to do right by his mother. Like many young adults, all Norman wants is to make his mother happy and he struggles to face the great lengths to which he has gone in order to maintain his mother’s approval and to maintain a close bond with her. In an unexpected visit to the hospital, Norman finally faces the pain his mother has caused, refusing to forgive his mother for trapping him in the hospital and surrounding him with death over the years. Turning the tables in the final scene, Norman reports to Dr. Edwards that he suspects that his mother is the one who should be locked away.

"You don't understand. Mama's cray cray." 
Attempting to adjust to her new married life and avoid her feelings for hr new husband, Norma tries building a wall between herself and Romero. However, Romero does not waste any time showing Norma that he is fully capable of sweeping her off her feet. On their first date as Mr. and Mrs. Romero, Norma drunkenly shares with Romero her twisted marriage history and Romero attempts to evade questions regarding his sex life. So, the important details that many disclose before deciding to spend eternity together. But since when has Norma done anything the conventional way? Still trying to woo his new wife, Romero hires a construction crew to fill the big black hole full of water on Norma’s property and the crew hand Norma a large bangle earring that came from the dirt, Audrey’s earring. Oh, well. It’s the thought that counts. Finding Romero strangely rummaging around in her basement, Norma may come to realize later in this season that she is not the only one with dirty secrets. Romero says that he is looking for a place to hide money, but Norma is so eager to make this marriage work that she brushes it off as a joke. 

Meanwhile, Dylan discusses with Emma his plans to leave the marijuana growing business but leaves out the fact that he has made the decision in order to have a brighter future with her. However, when he returns to his farm to fire his incompetent worker Gunnar, he finds that Gunnar beat him to the punch and has fled. Distraught over Gunnar’s disappearance, a familiar face appears in his doorway. The old man who lives nearby and got Dylan and his dad/uncle in an ambush situation in the business is now in search of Dylan’s dad/uncle to seek vengeance for nearly being beaten to a bloody pulp. But no one has seen Dylan’s dad/uncle in quite some time.

Does this mean we have to smoke all the weed?
Will Norma and Norman become bunk mates at Pineview? Does Romero have other motives for marrying Norma? 
Will Dylan make it out of the marijuana business alive?