The Horror Honeys: THE X-FILES Recap: Season 10, Ep. 2 ~ “Founder’s Mutation”

THE X-FILES Recap: Season 10, Ep. 2 ~ “Founder’s Mutation”

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Season 10, Episode 2. The plot thickens and the waterworks begin. That closure that I so desperately craved in the previous episode? That touching Mulder-Scully chemistry that I missed? It was all there in the second episode titled “Founder’s Mutation.” My heart was warmed and my ovaries almost danced (almost)… and then I was traumatized by the bloody horror of childbirth that will forever steer me away from even the slightest consideration of entering motherhood.

This second episode which aired on January 25th opens with scientist Dr. Sanjay, a man who—after committing suicide in the lab—seems to have been hiding more than his sexual orientation. Colleagues reported that Sanjay heard a strange noise that could not be heard by anyone else immediately prior to impaling himself with a letter opener. Now back on the X-Files with badges in hand, Mulder and Scully investigate the scene and learn that Sanjay and his team of scientists were working for a Dr. Augustus Goldman, a man who is known as “The Founder” and whose whereabouts are kept in confidence. Luckily, Goldman is no stranger to Scully. What makes Dr. Goldman especially interesting is that not only is he an employee at the hospital where Scully has worked but his special project is being funded by the United States Department of Defense.

"... I'm not even supposed to be here today."
When Mulder and Scully investigate Sanjay’s home, Mulder hears the same high-pitched sound that Sanjay heard before he met his fate and it’s followed by a voice. “Find her.” Fearing for Mulder’s life, both agents race against time to find out the truth about The Founder and to find the source of the deadly noise.

Discovering that Goldman is a staff member of the maternity ward immediately waves a red flag given Scully’s personal experience with an alien pregnancy gone horribly wrong. As if the tension was not already sky-rocketing, the doctor specifically works with the mutated children of women who have been led to believe that their children were either given up or deceased. Dr. Goldman is so dedicated to his work, in fact, that he has even kept his own wife locked away in an institution in order to experiment on their own son and daughter, Kyle and Molly. Concerned that this kind of twisted treatment might have happened to Scully as she prepared to birth their son William fifteen years ago, Mulder utters one sentence that gives assurance that he still holds a tiny flashlight for Scully in his heart. “You will never be just anything to me, Scully.” Aliens might be toying with his brain, but I refuse to believe that they made him say that.

"Let me tell you two, marriage is the pits."
But the most tearful moments in “Founder’s Mutation” did not stem from the lingering love between Mulder and Scully. The most beautiful yet agonizing scenes came from the love and loss that Mulder and Scully share over their son, as they each imagine what their lives might have been like if William was still in them. Scully ponders the idea of taking William to school, telling him how much she loves him, and panicking when she watches the alien DNA transform him. Mulder imagines sharing popcorn and watching Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey with William, building model rockets together, and gasping in terror as he witnesses William levitating above his bed. Setting aside the paranormal activity, Mulder and Scully are enduring the same emotional distress as many real life parents who have given up their children to give them a chance at a better life. There will always be questions of whether the right decision was made, questions of the child’s actual safety, and questions of what the child might be like and what it must feel like to play an active role in their life.

Why would you hurt me like that?!
As the episode comes to an intense, action-packed end, it is discovered that the source of the deadly cranial noises is Dr. Goldman’s son Kyle, who is about William’s age and who Goldman injected with alien DNA during infancy. A teenager with uncontrollable emotions and extraterrestrial powers, Kyle does not mean any harm. He only wishes to reunite with his sister Molly who is still being held captive as one of Goldman’s lab rats. Once he enters the experimental wing of the hospital with Mulder and Scully right behind him, Kyle frees Molly who also proves to have superhuman abilities of her own and their final victim becomes the man who gave them life and their alien powers, their father, The Founder.

If Season 10, Episode 2 has taught us anything of value, it is that when our work becomes more important than life itself—whether it is our lives or the lives of our loved ones—it could be the very thing that kills us. Goldman could have been a father to his children but instead allowed his work to consume him and them until his eyeballs fell out… quite literally. Due to Mulder and Scully’s line of work, they spend their lives chasing after answers to the Earth’s mysteries that could help them better understand what happened during Scully’s pregnancy and what might happen to their son as he gets older. But it still does not compare to having their son. After viewing this episode, if it broke your heart as it did mine, I suggest calling your mother or father. Of spend some quality time with your children if you’ve produced any. Let them know that you love them. And have them tested for alien DNA.

Does Kyle’s adopted mother have room in her home for one more? Will Mulder and Scully ever reunite with their son? 
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