The Horror Honeys: The Walking Dead S6, E10 – The Next World

The Walking Dead S6, E10 – The Next World

A Walking Dead Episode Recap with Suzanne

After an action packed mid-season premiere, episode 10, The Next World, took a much lighter turn, as well as a time jump, but was nonetheless emotional. We had some laughs, some tears, and a couple of big surprises.

Let’s start with the time jump. While we don’t know exactly how far ahead we’ve moved, it’s at least several weeks, possibly a couple of months, because the streets of Alexandria are clear of the dead, Carl is up and about, the wall is back up, and people are moving on. This was a good play on the part of Scott Gimple, giving everyone a chance to take a breath after everything that went down. It also eliminated what could have been a few laborious episodes of the cleanup and the healing processes. 

My favorite TV couple, Rick and Daryl, prepare to go out on a supply run. A frustrated and slightly bewildered Daryl is attempting to get a straight answer from Denise about the stuff on her list. He is unfamiliar with what “pop” is and, as Denise rambles about being from Ohio and Tara talking in her sleep, Daryl sort of flails his arms and tries to get away from her. As “Darick” makes their way out of Alexandria’s gate, they’re stopped by Eugene who gives a sermon on sorghum.  Daryl is displeased with Rick’s choice of road trip music, but Rick plays it anyway and the buddy comedy is underway.
I'm sorry, I seem to have lost my pants...
They find a truck full of supplies, but rather than head back with it, they keep on and, while trying to procure some pop out of an overturned machine, they meet the man known as Jesus, a character everyone has been waiting for. 
Jesus manages to not only fight his way through both Rick and Daryl with some good old fashioned martial arts, he steals Ricks keys and then the truck. What ensues is a cat and mouse chase that ends with the supplies at the bottom of a lake, Jesus unconscious, and our boys disagreeing over what to do with him. Since the first half of the season, Rick and Daryl have both had a change of heart regarding bring new people in. Rick wants to increase the numbers and Daryl is over that notion, not surprising after his last two encounters with outsiders.

Comic fans are stoked... everyone else is like, what?
While this is going on, Michonne follows Spencer into the woods. He’s armed with a shovel and won’t tell Michonne what he’s doing, but it’s clear he wants to do it alone. At the same time, Enid and Carl have gone to the woods to read comic books. Enid has decided that going over the wall has lost its charm and tells Carl she doesn’t want to go out anymore. As they prepare to head back, they are approached by a walker. We don’t see the face, just the shoes, but from the horrified look on Enid’s face, we can guess who it is. Carl refuses to kill it and leads it away toward Spencer and Michonne. Together they put the zombified Deanna down. Later, Michonne rips into Carl about what he did and Carl imparts a little wisdom on her. He tells her it needed to be, “someone who loved her,” “someone who’s family.” He then says, “I’d do it for you,” solidifying their already tight bond. 
What happens next is huge and something a long time in the making. Rick and Michonne sit on the couch, neither wanting to talk about what happened during the day, they watch Judith on the baby monitor and tease each other. Rick was unable to get her the toothpaste she wanted, but did manage to grab her some mints. Their hands touch, their fingers lock together, then they look at each other and they know. Everything that has transpired between them over the course of the last few seasons has brought them to this moment. Basically, if you didn't see this coming, you weren't paying attention.
This brings us back to why the time jump is important. Since he found Carl and Lori back in Season 1, Rick has never removed his wedding ring. Even when things looked promising for him and Jesse, he never took it off. In the very opening of the episode, we see Rick putting a new hole in his belt, which I can only assume means he’s finally relaxed and maybe put on a few pounds. He also takes his watch from the dresser, but leaves his ring. Rick is finally ready to move on and the playful interaction between him, Michonne (in her bathrobe), and Carl is a clear indication that they’ve settled in as a family unit.

We end with the apocalypse’s new favorite couple naked, in bed. As they indulge in a little post-coital napping, their weapons close at hand, we hear someone whisper, “Rick.” They both jump out of bed like the rock stars they are, weapons now in hand, and we see Jesus at the foot of the bed.

"Apocalypse and Chill"
Final comments/questions:
  • What’s up with Jesus? He gets away from Rick and Daryl more than once, escapes ropes and the basement jail, and gets into the bedroom unnoticed. Obviously, being unconscious was a ruse to get into Alexandria. 
  • Why does Jesus pick that awkward moment to speak to Rick? 
  • How will the coupling of Rick and Michonne affect the others?
  • Maggie and Enid had a brief interaction in which Maggie attempts to take on a parental role. In the comics, Maggie and Glenn raise Sophia after Carol dies. Will they take Enid in?
What's in store for our survivors next week?