The Horror Honeys: The Walking Dead – Getting Ready for the Back Eight!

The Walking Dead – Getting Ready for the Back Eight!

Welcome to The Walking Dead with Supernatural Honey Suzanne!

As you now may know, our beloved Lisa has stepped aside as Horror TV Honey and the lovely Jennica will be taking over those duties. 

However, as a representative of the Ricktatorship, I have been tasked with covering the back half of The Walking Dead season 6 and I am up for the challenge!

The mid-season premiere is this coming Sunday, which is also Valentine’s Day. Is there a better way to say, “I love you,” than a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, and some rotten corpses? I think not.

When last we left our band of rag-tag survivors in the mid-season finale, Start to Finish, a crumbling steeple, that no one thought to demolish, gives way and knocks down a section of Alexandria’s walls, allowing a heard of walkers to invade the seemingly safe community. What horrors await Rick and the gang in No Way Out?

What we know:
  • Rick, Michonne, Carl, Jesse, Sam, Ron, and Father Gabriel have covered themselves in walker guts, created a human chain and are attempting to escape the herd unnoticed.
  • Deanna got bit and went out shooting.
  • Maggie is trapped up in the lookout tower.
  • Glenn is watching the invasion unfold from outside the walls.
  • Morgan and Carol are both unconscious, while the Wolf kidnapped Denise.
  • Tara, Rosita and Eugene continue to demonstrate their uselessness.
  • Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are trying to get back to Alexandria
  • People are going to die.

What we don’t know:
  • Who will die?
  • Will Alexandria fall or will the survivors rally and rebuild?
What lies ahead:
We may see a little more mirroring of the comics in the back half. No Way Out could be the end of some of the characters who became a bit more prominent in the first half of the season if that’s the case. For those who watched the teaser after the midseason finale, you know Daryl, Abraham and Sasha have been sidelined by a group of Negan’s men and we also know we’ll meet Negan by the end of the season, but will that introduction finally seal Glenn’s fate or will Scott Gimple and crew dispose of a different fan favorite? There has been much speculation lately as to who will actually dance with Negan’s bat. It will also be interesting to see how the Carol/Morgan dynamic plays out. Robert Kirkman has publicly declared that Carol is the only character who will see the end of the series so we know she’s safe. Morgan, on the other hand, has proven to be something of a liability adhering to his “all life is precious” mantra. That could be his undoing.

Whatever happens, we’re sure to be in for one hell of a ride. 

And we'd all ride Negan. Sorrynotsorry.
One final note: Recaps are new for me so bear with me as we navigate this new territory together. I’ll never be able to fill Lisa’s shoes, but I’ll do my best to give her TV babies what they deserve.

What are YOU looking forward to this season?
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