The Horror Honeys: Nina Forever: Love, Loss and Obsession

Nina Forever: Love, Loss and Obsession

A Supernatural Honey New Release Review by Suzanne

Nina Forever (2016)

Another film festival favorite finally made it into my eye holes this week. I honestly thought after seeing The Witch, I wouldn’t be that happy again anytime soon. I was wrong. The Blaine brothers, Ben and Chris, wrote and directed a seriously dark horror comedy that seems like it’s going to be one thing and turns out quite different than you’d expect. 

The story: Distraught over the death of his girlfriend, Rob (Cain Barry) tries, unsuccessfully, to take his own life. He becomes involved with his co-worker, Holly (Abigail Hardingham), but during their first sexual encounter, Nina comes back to torment them. Rob and Holly try to move on, but Nina is persistent in her attempt to destroy their relationship.

Rob is very much the loner. He works a dead-end job, and keeps to himself as his co-workers talk about him behind his back. He still has Sunday dinner with Nina’s parents, who are also having difficulty in moving forward, and they hold on to Rob as a reminder of their daughter. Holly seems a bit strange right from the beginning with an almost obsessive curiosity about Rob and his life. She finds it romantic that he tried to kill himself. She experiences a breakup with a guy who says that she is, “too nice,” which doesn’t sit well with her, so she decides to pursue Rob to explore her dark side.

We know virtually nothing about Nina at the beginning of the film, other than the fact that she’s dead. Who she was and what she meant to Rob and her family unfolds throughout the story. Nina first manifests in the bed while Rob and Holly are having sex, bloody and broken. Holly seems almost too eager to include Nina in the most bizarre threesome ever, but Nina is quite clear that she has no interest. Although her appearances begin during the couple’s sexy times, Nina also shows herself while the traces of her are being systematically erased from their apartment. 

The cast is superb. I developed an immediate crush on Cain Barry, who works the brooding, but vulnerable, Rob. Hardingham also does a fantastic job as Holly, who is a bit of an enigma, likable and detestable almost simultaneously. It is Fiona O’Shaughessy as Nina who outshines everything. She’s naked the entire film, but not exposed. She also has to act while virtually motionless and when she does move, it’s disturbing. 

Whatcha doin?
Nina Forever is categorized as a horror comedy and does have its amusing moments, but it never becomes so outrageous it can’t be taken seriously. It is full of gore, sex, and nudity, and yet it never feels gratuitous. There is no logical reason for this film to work, but it does. It’s an original take on an idea that has been used a few times in the last year. However, I can also see why it would not appeal to some due to the content. It appealed to me.

Nina Forever is available on VOD.

Supernatural Honey verdict: 3.5 dead girlfriends out of 5