The Horror Honeys: Lust for Life: Zombie Survival Tactic Playlist

Lust for Life: Zombie Survival Tactic Playlist

I should do a playlist for zombies. 
A Zombie Honey Inspirational Playlist by Bella

When the zombies take over, how will you be inspired to survive? Not motivated, mind you - but inspired. Most will be motivated to survive because of their lust for life (and maybe heroin). I feel like I’ll probably be motivated to survive because of my lust for food and just lust in general, because I’m a simple person.

My inspiration to continue surviving will most likely be the semi-serious articles I’ve compiled about HOW to survive over the past year or so. And, while I doubt I’ll be likely to forget my survival tactics anytime soon, music might just lend a bit of inspiration here and there as well.

Music is an integral part of most people’s lives in some way or another. Utilizing songs as survival tools during the zombie apocalypse seems like a pretty great place to start for sharing inspiration. So, this week I have compiled a diverse and unique five song playlist for your zombie apocalypse survival plan.

You’re welcome.

Song: “I Ran” by Flock of Seagulls 
Survival Tactic: RUN AWAY 
This is not a song to remind you to grab your hair product - where you’re going, you won’t need it. So, the zombie apocalypse has begun and you’re in the middle of the city with enough time to get out of the city to a remote location where no other living (or unliving) things will be? GO TO THERE.

Song: “I Drink Alone” by George Thorogood
Survival Tactic: SOLE SURVIVOR
This is not a song to remind you to grab your favorite six pack, or hit a liquor store for a good bottle of scotch - although I won’t you stop you from either. No, this is to remind you that you’re best bet at survival is to be a sole survivor. The less people you interact with, the more likely you are to stay amongst the living. Unless you know there is a 0% chance of someone being infected with the potential to infect you, get used to the idea of drinking alone. *Note: I’m excited about this because more scotch for me.

Song: “Fight ‘Em ‘til You Can’t” by Anthrax
Survival Tactic: FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE
This is probably the only already zombie-specific song on the list and I think it pretty much sums your next survival tactic right up. If you’re in the midst of any apocalypse, especially one of the undead variety, you’ll want to fight for your life. However you fight, be sure to fight. It’s probably best to fight zombies off with something that keeps you at least arms length away. But you’ll be fighting none-the-less… until you can’t. Good luck out there.

Song: “Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta Fuck Wit” by Wu Tang Clan
Survival Tactic: DO NOT FUCK THAT
Listen. Much to my chagrin people are still talking about zombies they find sexy. Or zombies they would get with. We get people finding their way to this website while looking for these zombies and to that I say… ZOMBIES AIN’T NUTHING TA FUCK WIT, PEOPLE. Come on. They aren’t just dead. They are reanimated. Meaning, they are the walking dead. Continuing to rot and decay and putrefy. Don’t put your dick in that. And don’t put their dick in you*. Are we clear? Zombie Jesus.

Song: “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor
Survival Tactic: POSITIVITY
Most of you probably know Aretha Franklin’s cover of this song - but to be a survivor of the zombie apocalypse I feel like you need to go back to the original survivor. This song is just to help keep you going. You’ve run away, you’ve left your friends and family, you’ve fought off the undead, you’ve avoided fucking them, you’re most of the way there. Just keep on going. You will survive! See what I did there?

*Author’s Note: I am totally guilty of wanting to have sex with one previously dead person. Sorry, not sorry. 

Yes, Daddy. ... ... ... (and if you don't know who this is, we can't be friends)