The Horror Honeys: Horror TV Honey Jam ~ 'If Ever'

Horror TV Honey Jam ~ 'If Ever'

It's good to hear your voice 
It's good to hear your breathing 
You're running out of hours 
Im running out reasons 
Every time I turn around you're gone 
But tonight I won't tell anyone 
I should call the cops 
Or i should call your father 
But you're sayin' you don't care 
So maybe I won't bother

Ask anyone, and they could probably name ten bands that they wish would just stop already. Yet for every 100 bands past their prime who won't go away, there is one out there that made a single fabulous album and disappeared. My beloved "one and done" band is Gratitude, and I found them because of a horror film. Don Coscarelli's Incident On and Off a Mountain Road, from the Masters of Horror series, was easily my favorite of the anthology (you can read my review here). But one of the best parts of the film was its use of a single song: Gratitude's "If Ever." The track opened and closed the film, was an absolutely perfect accompaniment to the heroine's journey, and has become one of MY favorite songs of all time. So listen to "If Ever," watch Incident On and Off a Mountain Road, then find Gratitude's lone album, and celebrate a band that went out on top. ~RH