The Horror Honeys: HONEY BUZZ EXCLUSIVE ~ The Trailer for HOME


Exclusive Honey Buzz is one of the best things in the world.
ESPECIALLY when it's news like this!

The story [unedited]: Carrie, a religious fundamentalist, is stunned when her mother, Heather, decides to come-out-of-the-closet and marry another woman. Heather and her new wife also have a 10 year old daughter. Now, Carrie is forced to move into a new house, with a family she cannot accept. Home takes place over the first two days at the strange house, as the new parents leave for a business trip and Carrie is forced to take care of her new step-sister. As creepy occurrences lead to full blown terror, Carrie must learn to overcome her own fears and beliefs to save her little sister.

What's in the trailer: Surprisingly little, which is a nice surprise. Supernatural events, and some shades of Poltergeist help make this trailer look a little more promising. While I'm making some eyebrows at the 'religious fundamentalist Carrie' description, hopefully Stephen King won't take it personally. Home is a haunted house film, but hopefully it's one that doesn't hit too many familiar notes. Although... can I point out that ventriloquist dummy? What is it with doll movies this year?

Verdict: While Home is already blazing some new trails with its characters (hello, interracial lesbian couple!) and potential for 'human drama,' I'm hoping that will also have something original to add to the genre when it comes to scares and tension.

Starring: Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street), one of the original horror scream queens; Samantha Mumba (The Time Machine); and Lew Temple, (The Devil's Rejects, The Walking Dead).

Check out the exclusive trailer for this new indie horror! 

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