The Horror Honeys: Guest Honey Post - Into the Wilds

Guest Honey Post - Into the Wilds

A Guest Honey List by Dahlia

When you go camping or venture out into the woods, far away from blessed Internet and a flushing toilet, you are taking your life into your hands... at least according to some horror movies.  As a former camper, I doubt the odds of  a killer encounter (human or animal) are that high, but hey, that’s entertainment, right? Plus, I bet these movies are pretty cheap to shoot. A camera, the woods, screaming actors.

If you’ve watched any horror movies in this sub genre, you know how these things go.  Car trouble, no cell phone service, monster appears or the campers turn on each other. Or, an accident happens and the campers must fight to get out of the woods alive. Most of these movies are laughable and if not for a silly misstep or abject foolishness on the campers' part, all would be well.

However, there are those movies where things simply happen, through no real fault or mistake on the camper’s part and that’s where it gets scary. No matter how well prepared one may think one is… there’s always the window of something going terribly wrong.

I present, in no particular order, five "into the woods" movies that scared me, if only a little.
Remember, your mileage may vary.

1.  Wolf Creek - How unsettling. First of all, Australian Outback. Now, I’m from New Jersey. I’ve driven past an Outback Steakhouse… and that’s as close as I’ve gotten to anything ‘outback.’  Oh, I’ve let the dog “out back” but we have a fence. Digression aside, while it makes for a great adventure on one hand, the thought of being stranded in the Australian Outback is a little scary. Then, a friendly guy comes by and offers you a ride to a phone. No problem,right? There’s three of you, safety in numbers… yeah, think again.  John Jarrett does such a great job of turning from a pleasant, friendly “mate” to out and out creepy psychotic torture guy.

And to think this was based on/inspired by a true story.

2.  Backcountry - City gal and boyfriend go on a hike. Boyfriend wants to show city gal nature in all its beauty and takes away her phone so she can really get a great view.
Sigh. All right, this one scared me, but I do have one little complaint about it. The plot is simple. A backpacking trips goes awry. I will say, before you go into the movie expecting chipmunks with shivs, that it is rather slow at the beginning, but when the action began, I was riveted and was so invested in the characters, I wanted to see what happened at the end.
Minor complaint:  Lots of plot manoeuvres to get the couple to be isolated and beyond help.
This movie put such a fright in me that I peeked out of the window, looking for rogue bears, before I left to pick up my children from school.

3. Cabin Fever - I laughed, I gasped, I cringed.  Everything about contagious diseases scares me.  I watched the theatre scene in Outbreak with my hands over my mouth, vowing never to step foot in a movie theatre again. This film outdoes itself with the blood and the icky stuff and I loved every second of it.  But, let's talk for a second about that creepy kid with all the kick and spin moves. I mean, how could you just stand there and watch that? I'd be backing toward my car.

Yikes, kid.
On the other hand, contaminated water is a real thing and thus is the true, underlying fear.

4.  The Descent - “Hey, ladies! Let’s go caving!”  “Sure!” Once inside the cave? “Oh, I didn’t file a plan. No knows where we are.” And, the terror begins. The darkness, the claustrophobia, the fear of getting stuck, the fear of not knowing if there is away out… that all comes into play along with interpersonal relationships. The icing on the cake is the cave-dwelling beings! This movie has it all along with interesting, non-stereotypical female leads. ALL female leads.

5.  The Ruins - As a self-proclaimed chicken when it comes to body horror, I watched The Ruins with the bedclothes clutched in one hand and my husband’s arm in the other.  This movie built up the dread and the suspense and the ick factor to a stunning degree.  Ugh.  I’ve got the heebie jeebies just thinking about it now.
From - A group of friends whose leisurely Mexican holiday takes a turn for the worse when they, along with a fellow tourist, embark on a remote archaeological dig in the jungle where something evil lives among the ruins.
How easily a “leisurely Mexican holiday morphs into skin-crawling body horror with plants”.  This was a film I didn’t care to see twice.

There you go, the five “into the woods” films which actually scared me a little.  Hope they scare you too!


About the author: Guest Honey Dahlia is a published author of any kind of fiction that suits her fancy. She began her career as a romance writer, but careened off the rails into fantasy, horror and gothic fiction. A lover of horror movies watched through her fingers, makeup and geeky gadgets, she resides in the lovely Garden State with her tribe of four and a rescued pit bull. Check her out at