The Horror Honeys: “Stuff and Thangs” – A Honey Switch Month List from Suzanne

“Stuff and Thangs” – A Honey Switch Month List from Suzanne

A Honey Switch Month List from January's Zombie Honey Suzanne

Zombies aren’t really my jam, but that doesn’t stop me from being a die-hard fan of The Walking Dead. I’ve watched from the series premiere and continue to stick by it, despite its inconsistencies. Of course, we all know TWD isn’t really about zombies; it’s about the characters and Rick Grimes is the driving force behind this motley crew of walker wranglers.

Rick Grimes rode out the beginning of the zombie apocalypse in a coma. After finding his wife and son, he unceremoniously takes on a leadership role, which he can’t seem to shake, even when he tries. Being the leader means making big decisions, but Rick doesn’t always seem to be in his right mind and has made some interesting choices over the last 5 and a half seasons that, while in the best interest of those he loves, usually result in at least one untimely death.

Without further ado, I present to you a list of my favorite Rick Grimes DEADLY DECISIONS!

Deadly decision #5 – Rick’s hit and run – S5:08 “Coda” – Rick is attempting to negotiate the return of Beth (questionable itself) by capturing some of Grady Memorial’s finest. Officer Bob Lamson escapes and Rick chases after him with a squad car. After several failed requests for Bob to stop, Rick puts the pedal to the metal and mows Bob down. A move not really necessary, since Bob was cuffed and would have likely been eaten anyway, but it sure was entertaining.

Deadly decision #4 - Rick gets rid of the other man – S2:12 “Better Angels” – Shane and Rick, once best friends and partners, are now on opposite sides. Rick discovers Shane was sleeping with his wife and Shane thinks Rick is a pussy. Each threatens the other for supremacy and the love of Rick’s family. Shane leads Rick into the woods with the intention of killing him. Rick, wise to the plan, talks Shane down then stabs him, prevailing in their misty, moonlit showdown. Many would argue the loss of Shane and many mourn him. I don’t. Shane was unhinged and unpredictable, but in killing his best friend, Rick got the mind fuck of a lifetime.

Deadly decision #3 – Rick shaves his beard - S5:12 “Remember” – This may seem like an odd choice, but the evolution of Rick’s beard between seasons 3-5 was far more interesting than the story arc of Beth Greene, as far as I’m concerned. It had become a fixture, a character, its own entity, but once inside the seemingly safe walls of Alexandria, Rick decided to kill his most loyal companion. At least there was a shower scene. You’re welcome.

Deadly decision #2 – Rick slaughters Gareth - S5:03 “Four Walls and a Roof” – After escaping Terminus, the group once again finds themselves on the menu as Gareth and the remaining Termites track them down. This time, Rick has the upper hand and with Gareth on his knees, pleading for mercy, Rick fulfils a promise he made and swings his red handled machete into Gareth’s neck. Gareth was a great character and it’s a shame he had to go, but it was a necessary precaution. Unfortunately, the Lord of the Flies style massacre it incited made a heck of a mess in Father Gabriel’s church.

Deadly decision #1 – Rick tears out a throat - S4:16 “A” - On their way to Terminus, Rick, Michonne and Carl are ambushed by “claimer” Joe and his merry band of psychopaths. Daryl shows up and tries to reason with Joe to no avail and ends up getting a beat down. Watching helplessly as one of the men attempts to assault Carl, Rick flips his shit. He struggles with Joe, but with no weapon, he makes the radical decision to simply tear Joe’s throat out with his teeth. This allows Michonne and Daryl to dispose of the rest of the marauders, leaving Carl’s assailant to Rick, who guts him from nuts to neck, further traumatizing poor Carl. This is arguably the most unhinged and savage we’ve seen Rick, not to mention bloody.

I happen to be a card carrying member of the “Ricktatorship” and make no apologies for it. I dig his crazy, but whether or not you agree with his methods, one thing is certain, Rick loves his family.

The other thing you can be sure of is if you threaten him or those he loves, you’ll meet your end.

Are you a member of the Ricktatorship?