The Horror Honeys: Now You Can Think in a Bar at Home with Tim Burton!

Now You Can Think in a Bar at Home with Tim Burton!

A Mini-Book Review with Revenge Honey Linnie

Things You Think About in a Bar: The Napkin Art of Tim Burton (2015)

Regardless of where you fall on his films as of late, there is one thing you can't argue: Tim Burton's artwork is the stuff that horror dreams are made of. Since most of us were children, we have grown up immersing ourselves in the world of monsters and merriment that could only come from Burton's twisted and beautiful mind. As artists are often known to do, Burton has spent years in hotel bars, doodling on napkins, and preserving the lovely nonsense that tumbled forth. Now, the results have been compiled in the perfect coffee-table book or bedside companion for those of us who like our art of the phantasmagorical variety, in Things You Think About in a Bar!

Things You Think isn't just a collection of Burton's art; it's like a journey through Burton's life as a filmmaker. You are treated to sketches that are inspired by or in fact, inspired his film characters. You see the logos of hotels he stayed in, and remnants of late night meals he ate as worked. You can see moments of happiness, and nights when he was likely under a bit of strain. But Burton's style is omnipresent, and if you are a fan, you will love every page.

The book itself is beautifully bound, making it a work of art in and of itself. The pages are brilliantly colored, meaning you never lose an ounce of Burton's original design. One of my personal favorite touches is an empty napkin at the front of the book, in which the author encourages you to add your own art to his book. Burton is many things, but he is first and foremost a mentor, encouraging the weird and wonderful of the future to follow their dreams, no matter how frightening they may be.

Things You Think About in a Bar is only available via the publisher, and at $19.99, it's the perfect addition to any horror-lover's collection! Get your copy here!

Revenge Honey Rating: 4 pretzel monsters out of 5