The Horror Honeys: Horror TV Honey Lisa's Favorite Title Sequences of 2015!

Horror TV Honey Lisa's Favorite Title Sequences of 2015!

An End-of-the-Year List with Horror TV Honey Lisa

As television continues to have it’s rightful day in the sun, I would like to say goodbye to 2015 with a short round up the the title sequences that I do not fast forward. Sometimes, a show is so on top of its game, that even their credits hypnotize you. In no particular order and with only my own personal opinion as the research, I give you the best opening sequences of the year...

Flesh and Bone
In what is, perhaps, the most severely under-watched series of 2015, the title sequence is just as gorgeous and hypnotizing as the show.

The Returned
Another fantastic show that not nearly enough people know about, the tone is immediately set with this dream-like, eerie intro.

So much is said with so very little in this opening sequence; just like the show that follows it. Perfection.

AHS Hotel
The music puts you in the proper mood and the visuals remind you to turn out all of the lights to fully enjoy what you’re about to witness.

The Walking Dead
You may be saying, “But it’s the same every season,” and I’m here to let you know that every season, the title card that comes up after that spine tingling music is a bit more decayed every season. Just like our characters. In season 6, they even took out a main characters’s name in order to heighten the, “Are they or aren’t they dead?” tension.

The Leftovers
Admittedly, I do not watch this show, but fellow Honeys Linnie and Katie do. (You can read Linnie’s season review here). Whether you watch the show or not, the sight of family photos with a shadow in place of someone who used to be there is a creepy backdrop to the music accompanying it.

Another show I have yet to squeeze into my tv schedule, if the opening credits are any indication, this show looks awesome.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
If you can see this and then not sing the song for the next 48 hours straight, you must be a wizard. Or maybe you’re a strong as hell female.

A nice, short and to the point intro that sums up the fun of the show.

The Jinx
In addition to the cool visuals, the song is so amazing, that if you’re anything like me, you immediately purchased all of the Eels albums.

Honorable Mention goes to:

True Detective Season 2
Let’s be honest, with the exception of the beauty that is Colin Farrell's face and the creepy doctor played by Rick Springfield, the credits were the best part of the entire season.

What were your favorites this year? 
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