The Horror Honeys: Honey Switch Month: You Can Keep This SEVERANCE Package

Honey Switch Month: You Can Keep This SEVERANCE Package

A Honey Switch Month Review with Slasher Honey Bella

Severance (2006)

Severance packages always seemed interesting to me. You’re fired, but here’s something to keep you happy for a minute. I would probably try to get fired all of the time… if I was even employable to begin with. But none of that has anything to do with Severance, a british horror-comedy that tickles both my funny and my gore bone. (Ask me later where my gore bone is.)

As with most horror-comedies, you begin watching without the intention of paying too much attention because inevitably the jokes outplay the horror and we are nothing if not horror fans, yeah? Severance doesn’t do this. It’s actually quite refreshing. Some of that could be due to the fact that it’s from 2006 before horror-comedies became an onslaught of tropes and meta jokes. Mostly, I think, it’s because it’s really just that good.

Opening with a scene that is backwoods hillbilly horror, Severance starts off strong and bloody. Hooray, violence. Like a lot of horror movies that want to reel you in before they get started, we move backwards in time to see what happened before we meet those previously mentioned backwoods hillbillies…

Bunch of business people traipsing through the woods… what could possibly go wrong?
The sales department of a military defense supplier are headed for a team building weekend at a luxury lodge. Along the way the bus is stopped due to a tree in the road. Rather than TEAM together to move the tree, the entire group is convinced into walking the rest of the way to the lodge- against the better judgement of the bus driver, who bangs out a five point turn and drive away. The trek to the lodge is hardly perilous, but is full of your typical banter and character building. Severance, while a solid horror film in its own right, is still a horror-comedy complete with the pretty girl, the stoner, the nerd, and the obnoxious jock-type.

All of the character tropes are fleshed out in the time it takes the team finds the lodge and it’s not exactly the “luxury” they were hoping for, or promised. As they get settled in and begin to dig about for information about their stay, food, or another person things take a turn for the worse as the backwoods hillbillies start picking them off one by one. SURPRISE, this is their lodge. Or rather, their home- and as we all know, backwoods hillbillies (even Hungarian ones) don’t like people messing about in their deathly domiciles.

Damn team builders, get off my lawn.
As is the case with most of these types of slasher movies there is more than one killer, they are masked, and their surroundings are boobytrapped to the nines. The kills are also relatively swift and gruesome. What isn’t the case with most of these types of slasher films is the added bit of wry british humor throughout; as you watch Severance you can’t help but laugh at some of the more goreish moments - like a bear trap being repeatedly closed on a victim’s leg as any chance of rescue is botched over and over again.

Listen, when you take your bra off to create a ladder to get out of a pit, 
this look is totally acceptable.
Per usual there is a final girl, or three. Two of whom happen to be escorts ordered up by the stoner when the team still had a bus and a hope of survival. And this is just how Severance throws things at you. Nothing is really off the cuff, but it’s always a little off center- which works because the pacing is so perfect. There’s never really a dull moment- no waiting around for the big build, no opportunity to get too comfortable, or uncomfortable. As the movie becomes a barrage of, slightly hysterical, military style deaths it propels itself forward to a tidy conclusion that ends with a one-liner that doesn’t miss a beat- even if it does make you roll your eyes.

Severance is really a load of fun. It’s funny and it’s horrific. Kinda like getting fired, I suppose. 

Slasher Honey Rating: 4.5 Reasons To Stay Out Of the Woods - Who the Fuck Cares About “Luxury” Lodges When There Are Bear Traps Around? - out of 5.

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