The Horror Honeys: Honey Switch Month: Other Halves

Honey Switch Month: Other Halves

A Honey Switch Month Head Honey Review by Lisa

Other Halves (2015)

You know what they say: make a horror film because it’s easy and cheap. Well, I think all horror fans have been overfed by movies that were, clearly, made on the cheap and on the fly. Other Halves is definitely a low budget horror film that was filmed in a matter of days, but it’s clearly made by people who have a genuine fondness and respect for the genre.

Other Halves focuses on a team of developers who have created a dating app that helps you locate your perfect mate. Unfortunately, the download screen somehow manages to bring out the user’s other half. Kind of like Jekyll and Hyde. In the time of swiping left or right, this premise is exceptionally timely and current social fears are always great fodder for horror films. Utilizing the offices of a real start up company for the bulk of the scenes, the cast and crew shot at night on a tight schedule. This makes for a genuine feeling of claustrophobia when it becomes clear that there is a homicidal presence among our characters.

With a diverse cast that is uniquely on point for representing the populace of San Francisco, Other Halves prides itself on the fact that most of the characters are female. Not just female, but intelligent, independent women who are comfortable in their sexuality. To prove this point, there is an excessive amount of nudity. Perhaps the amount of nudity falls in line with the 80’s slasher feel that they are definitely going for, but, at times, it just feels egregious. In particular, there is a scene between to fully naked women that, on paper, passes the Bechdel test, but in actuality, I don’t know that it really does. Mainly because it begins to drag on, which ultimately feels gratuitous, and then a peeping tom shows up. Call me nit picky, but this just didn’t feel right to me. Nor did the third act of the film where it kind of loses itself in it’s own Jekyll/Hyde pandemonium.

I must give credit where credit is due and Matthew T. Price and Kelly Morr have definitely crafted a unique story that is, terrifyingly, not hard to imagine actually happening. It’s true that the unknown is often scarier than a literal monster which is why the premise of the film is exceptionally intriguing. What if we really are our own worst enemy? Imagine the consequences if a phone app was able to bring that about in all of us. As a satirical look at modern dating and an obvious love letter to slasher films, Other Halves succeeds on many levels, but I can’t help but wonder what kind of film they could have made if they’d had more time and money. This premise is ripe for a very serious and very terrifying film.

Despite my complaints, I do think that Other Halves is worth a watch. It’s a low budget movie with a lot of chutzpah and that allows you to forgive some of the acting and the mildly messy final act. It also feels like a really great introduction to filmmakers who hold the promise of more great things to come.

You can check out Other Halves on their website - coming soon to VOD