The Horror Honeys: DEEP IN THE MAZE: Head Honey's Best of 2015

DEEP IN THE MAZE: Head Honey's Best of 2015

A Head Honey Best Of List - 2015

2015 really has been a doozy of a year. Whether or not its been a good one for horror or not is a matter that is up for furious debate. Like last year, my faith in the future of horror films has been restored and now fortified by indie films. I will forever be an Indie Warrior, and 2015 has just made that stance even stronger.

March of 2015 saw me take my very first steps inside of Texas. I found deep fried vegetables, and a city that I fell in love with immediately (I love you, Austin! I mean, hello... Alamo Drafthouse!). SXSW was an eye-opener for me both as a critic/member of the media and as a lover of film. Being on a tight schedule meant that I had to be very strategic about my film choices for SXSW 2015 - and every film I saw over my week in Austin has ended up on my Best Of list... except for one. Not even sorry about it, Hangman.

Let's do this!

The Final Girls - I have honestly never seen a TRUER love letter to the horror genre than M.A.Fortin, and Joshua John Miller's touching script for The Final Girls. It's a horror chick flick, a delicate examination of the mother/daughter bond (which rarely works out in horror films) as well as a beautiful tribute to the individuality of the grieving process, and it's also a rad meta horror film. I laughed (a lot), I cried (a bit, don't tell anyone), and I cheered. You can read my full review HERE.

Deathgasm -  Holding the crowning glory of being the MOST fun I've had a film screening in my entire life is a supernatural horror comedy that, while taking heavy cues from the cinema of its country of origin, is one of the most original "coming of age/finding your voice" bromance films I've ever seen. Black metal, demons, dildo fights, and buckets of blood, there is nothing sweeter than finding a horror comedy that was made just for you. I can't even tell you how many times I've watched this film. You can read my full review HERE and check out an interview with director Jason Lei Howden HERE.

Turbo Kid - Speaking of films that were *made* for you, Turbo Kid is the best gift you can give a horror fan who also happens to be a nostalgia filled 90s kid. When you smash together 90s aesthetics, comic book action and post apocalyptic madness, the chance of failure is almost nil. Turbo Kid is as stylish as it is entertaining, and I want to put Apple in my pocket so we can be bestest friends. GNOMESTICK! You can read my full review HERE and my interview with the adorable stars and directors HERE.

Girl, you are my spirit potato and I love you.
Ex Machina - Having the distinction of being not only one of the better science fiction "indie" films to come out in the last year, I'd be remiss if I didn't take the stance that not only was Ex Machina one of the best Sci-Fi films of the last ten years, it was also one of the most beautiful and tenderly written science fiction films I've ever seen. Alex Garland is a strong hand in the writers seat and now on the director's side of the camera, he shows his true colors, and they are spectacular.

Tender, chilling, inspiring and revolutionary, I was nervous that my review wouldn't do the film justice - but you can read it HERE.

Manson Family Vacation - It would be an understatement to say that I was not expecting to feel the feels that I felt while watching Manson Family Vacation. A film that had been on my radar for some time before I even set foot in Austin, I was rabid to see MFV by the time my screening date arrived and I was not disappointed. Familial relationships are a complex thing, and there is no way to explain to someone who is close with their family what it feels like to be estranged from your closest kin just like you can never explain to those black sheep and lone wolves what it's like to be close to the ones who share your bloodline. MFV was a more powerful film than I was prepared for, and you can read my full SXSW review HERE.

Star Wars VII - Since I can't do more fan-related flailing than I already have, check out my nerdface review of the newest in the avalanche of Disney planned sequels to the non-canon-but-is-now-canon Star Wars universe HERE

Mad Max: Fury Road - Full confession: I'll be watching Fury Road and Star Wars VII once a day every day until the BluRay's fall apart. I don't actually have words for how much these two films meant to me in 2015. The Sci-Fi Honey's amazing review is HERE.

Crimson Peak - While many have judged Crimson Peak harshly for its overly stylized and heavy (plodding) action, I had remarkably few complaints about the film. DelToro is a master of visual creativity, and the visual feast comprised of lush scenery, costuming and imagery in general will leave you stuffed by the end of the film. Thankfully, there's so MUCH to eat at Crimson Peak that you won't even notice Jessica Chastain's scenery chewing. A delicious piece of cinema that pays homage to DelToro's love of gothic horror and practical makeup FX as well as beautiful storytelling, you may see the twist coming, but if you allow yourself to be lost in the plush world that DelToro has created, none of that matters anyway. Read Supernatural Honey Suzanne's FULL review HERE.

Goodnight Mommy - No other movie in 2015 terrified me like Goodnight Mommy  - clearly a film to be added to the movies that you have to be a lady to love, Goodnight Mommy is 2015's Babadook, but without the hype that everyone bitched about. A terrifying look at childhood, betrayal, the grieving process and how we do or don't deal with it, motherhood, isolation, loss... there is nothing about this film that I will EVER forget, just like I will never forget the final moments of the film where I actually ripped my couch with my nails because I was so stressed out. The Revenge Honey's full review is HERE!  


What We Do In The Shadows - Do I really have to explain what's amazing about this film? Vampires. Mockumentary. Taika Waititi. Jemaine Clement. Plus, Vellington is my new home, and I'm on the hunt for some Swearwolves in my backyard. Check out Supernatural Honey Suzanne's FULL review HERE.

I may or may not have yelled this in public recently.

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead - Wyrmwood was another early contender for my Best Of list. I'm not a zombie fan at the best of times - the genre is starting to look like a bloated corpse floating down a river of cliche's and bad CGI - once SyFy makes an "original" attempt at a genre you know that death is coming soon - even for the zombies. HOWEVER - Wyrmwood manages to be original in both its approach to the genre, its final girl, and its origin story, which is incidentally one of my favorites in the genre thus far. Check out my full review HERE.

Love you.
Did any of the films I loved this year make YOUR 
Best of 2015 list?