The Horror Honeys: 'Treevenge' ~ Think Twice Before You Chop This X-mas!

'Treevenge' ~ Think Twice Before You Chop This X-mas!

A Short Holiday Horror Film Review with Revenge Honey Linnie

Treevenge (2008)

I've never hidden the fact that I am not a fan of Jason Eisner (Hobo with a Shotgun, and a bunch of short films in anthologies). I think his style is trashy, unnecessarily cruel, and just generally unappealing. Convinced I must be missing something, I kept watching his shorts when they popped up in V/H/S 2 and ABCs of Death... but my opinion hasn't changed.

Eisner's 2008 short Treevenge certainly didn't make me fall in love with the guy out of thin air, but it's damn near the closest I've ever come to actually liking one his movies.

And that's practically a holiday miracle!

The Story: A collection of lovely pine trees are snatched from their forest home and forced to stand around in peoples' living rooms as if they are decorations or furniture and not the living, breathing, and communicating beings that they are. Fed up with the enslavement of their people, they seek revenge on the damn dirty humans who insist on covering them in tinsel and light bulbs. And their revenge? It's bloody.

Really bloody.
Treevenge is a short, so we don't get a ton of movie, but the bulk of the film is spent connecting the audience to the tree stars, which is an interesting decision. The trees have their own language, and personalities, and children (saplings), so we learn their stories through subtitles. As someone who has never had a live Holiday tree (I'm an atheist Wiccan Jew, no Christmas here) because I can't bear to be responsible for cutting down a tree and then watching it die... Let's just say I enjoyed a film that gave trees a good holiday.

But then...
But then the film turned distinctly Jason Eisner: fisheye lenses, awkward closeups, horrible sound editing, taking that which is mildly amusing just a step too damn far... I understand that some filmmakers get off on pushing the envelope but there comes a point where "edgy" turns into "white noise" and that is what Eisner is to me. He's trying so hard to be a badass that he becomes a toddler stomping his feet on the pavement and demanding you pay attention to him. Well, that doesn't work on me when toddlers do it, and it doesn't work for filmmakers either.

Killing babies is just SO edgy. Much hip. So controversial. Pats on the head.
In the end, I liked the idea behind Treevenge. I just really wish someone else had been behind the execution.

Revenge Honey Rating: 2 & 1/2 pissed off trees out of 5

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