The Horror Honeys: The Horror Honeys #StandwithStoya

The Horror Honeys #StandwithStoya

A Letter from The Horror Honeys

In the last week, troubling news regarding adult film actor James Deen as come to light. Adult film stars Stoya, Ashley Fires, Tori Lux, Amber Rayne, Nicki Blue, Lily LaBeau, and Kora Peters have all come forward and accused Deen of violent sexual assault, with many of their stories backed up by on-set testimony from fellow cast and crew. Joanna Angel, business woman, adult film star, former Honey Radio guest, and Deen's ex-girlfriend, has publicly expressed her support for Stoya, and backed her claims, coming out as one of Deen's victims.

The Horror Honeys have had the honor of speaking to Joanna Angel on Honey Radio, and we are avid supporters of a woman's right to do with her body what she chooses. Just because a woman makes her living in the adult film industry, it doesn't mean she can't be assaulted. It doesn't mean she doesn't deserve the same benefit of the doubt as any woman who has been hurt by a man with no respect for women. The Horror Honeys support all women. The Horror Honeys #StandwithStoya.

No means no.

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If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault,