The Horror Honeys: Horror TV Honey's Best and Worst of 2015!

Horror TV Honey's Best and Worst of 2015!

One of the best and worst things about watching so many movies is never knowing which ones are going to make your heart sing and which ones will make you homicidal. I’m surprised to say that a sci-fi film and a western are on my best list while one of my very favorite directors is on my worst list. In no particular order, I give you my best and worst of 2015. 

Let's boogie!


Goodnight Mommy

Visually stunning, eerily quiet and standout performances make for a uniquely thoughtful look at how very complex human emotions can be and how they can affect those around us. Don’t watch the trailer. Just watch the film. Twice, at least. 

Bone Tomahawk

It is the official opinion of the backup Deputy that a great western transcends all genres and this movie delivers on all levels. Impeccable acting and a truly unsettling look at the violence that humans do to one another with a few perfect shots thrown in for good measure.

The Final Girls

Behold the holy grail: a love letter to horror that is actually a love letter and not a mixed bag of crap. This movie not only makes you laugh, but it has some really cool visuals and tugs at your heartstrings in an unexpected way.

We Are Still Here

A throwback to 70s Italian horror, this is a small, beautiful film that delivers some epic punches of fright and practical effects. Also: Barbara Crampton.

Ex Machina

Every single thing about this movie is gorgeous. The acting is on point, the visual effects are amazing and the story will stick with you for days.


Sinister 2

It breaks my heart to put a Scott Derrickson project on a worst list, but this movie really shit the bed. 

The Human Centipede 3
Editorial Note: Literally... what the shit?
Just when you thought it wasn’t possible for Tom Sixx to be more offensive, he went all out with an extremely offensive, completely unnecessary third act that is sure to be at the top of Donald Trump’s best list.

Crimson Peak

Throw tomatoes at me if you like, but this was the Kim Kardashian of movies for me this year. It’s so very pretty, but so very boring.

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