The Horror Honeys: Fear Town, USA: Everything You Now Hate, Made Great Again

Fear Town, USA: Everything You Now Hate, Made Great Again

A Slasher Honey Troma Team Review by Chassity

Fear Town USA (2014)

Have you ever searched for a horror movie parody that is subtle and yet has so much to offer that it almost puts the Scary Movie franchise to shame? I just might have found the perfect film for you. If you read my review of The Slashening, you know how much I enjoyed that film. So, Horror TV Honey Lisa directed me to Fear Town, USA. While it’s not great as The Slashening, it’s more than worth a watch because it ultimately proved to be just as good and even better to the extent that it had a lot more territory it covered and many more slasher movie clichés to send up.

The Plot: It’s St. Blevin’s Day and for all the young people that means partying, drinking, and of course, sex. The popular cool kids (including the most hilariously stereotypical douchebags ever) throw a wild bash, the nerds decide that this is the night to lose their virginity, and the in betweeners decide to camp out and throw their own party… in the woods. Because that’s always smart. 
You can obviously guess what happens next - awesomely ridiculous deaths, that's what. And much to my delight, every slasher cliché is put on blast. Even some pop culture scenarios that have nothing to do with the horror genre, or are not exclusive to it, are on the chopping block. For example: teenage girls and their obsessive use of abbreviations, creepy vans, or how every teen movie has boys describing sex in the most misogynistic way and the girls seem to be not only okay with this, but encourage it. 
There's no WAY this could end badly, bro!

The Good:  The concept in and of itself is solid. As soon as you know that all the major factors are there (like young male specimens going around using derogatory terms regarding sexual orientation), you know who’s going to die, who might have a shot at living, and in what order the deaths might occur. The “slutty girl” character was amazing and makes a complete and utter mockery of the women you see in slasher films and perfectly exemplifies the way some women in horror films talk in a way that literally no real live woman ever talks. She was hilarious, and quite possibly the best part of the film.  

The other best part? By default, it had to be the nerds. Their motto? Hilarious. The reference to bad dads making them the way they are? A great use of dark humor. And let's not forget that old horror trope that allows the virgins to survive - or at least have an open ended fate.

One of my biggest pet peeves with horror films is the scene in which any necessary backstory comes out by way of the harbinger of impending doom. They can either be amazing and bone chilling, or they can be a  drawn out, boring scene featuring an actor who chews all the darn scenery for no reason. In most horror films, it’s the latter. So maybe that’s what made Fear Town, USA's harbinger of impending doom scene about as perfect as it could have been. If you watch this film and haven’t fallen in love with it by the time you get to this scene, then will be the moment that you become a fan. I watched that part on my lunch break at work and laughed so hard my boss couldn’t control his curiosity and had to come check it out as well.

The Bad: Some of the jokes fall flat at times, and most are a little bit over the top. And some of the moments have been done so many times in other parodies that they kind of lose their appeal when done again. But even so, that doesn’t lessen the overwhelming majority of great moments that pop up. 

The Ugly: Um…the scene at the very end with the girl who came to the party to find her online boyfriend. A little graphic, but it’s definitely a scene that’s hard to soon forget. I’d say it was ugly in a good way. 

Overall, is Fear Town, USA as good as The Slashening? No. Is it a must watch if you love horror parodies? Absolutely. It includes tropes from other horror genres in a clever way, and it even has some supernatural elements. As a final note: I love that this is the only flick I’ve ever seen that knows how to make fun of sorority girls and do it right. Other comedy writers and general filmmakers who hate sorority girls, take note. 

PS - The spectral sorority chick is my new favorite thing.

Slasher Honey Rating: 4 out of 5 Funny Devils 

Love you.

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