The Horror Honeys: Best of 2015 - The Slasher Honey

Best of 2015 - The Slasher Honey

Slasher Honey's Best of 2015 - by Chassity

I used to struggle with doing “best” lists. For one thing, there’s a feeling of insecurity that goes along with it. Is the list too trivial, with too many movies that don’t really “mean” anything or “say” anything? Is it too pretentious, loaded with films that are obvious Oscar bait and/or make you feel crappy about your shallow life? And on top of that, unless you’ve kept a running list of EVERYTHING you’ve seen throughout the year, it’s hard to recall everything and remember which films were really standouts.

This year, I knew immediately what films I wanted to go on my list, but only after hesitating and wondering if I shouldn’t replace some of them with films that I kind of liked (not as much as the ones I actually chose) but were more popular and obvious. Some of what’s below almost didn’t make the list for that reason, and got cut three of four times before getting put back on when I finally decided, “I like what I like, and that’s okay. Maybe someone else will fall in love with it, too.”

So, here it is. My unashamed (mostly) ridiculous list of films that meant the most to me this year. Sorry not sorry.

Cooties: Written by Leigh Whannell and starring Elijah Wood, I can’t think of a better recipe for a horror movie that I would love. Well, maybe if you took away the Rainn Wilson factor (he’s incredibly obnoxious and cringe worthy). Cooties was one of my absolute favorites of the year. It’s adorable, hilarious, and there are times when it felt completely dark. I love awkward humor, and Cooties was chock full of it. You’d think a movie about adults versus children could never be even the least bit funny, but not only was this one of my favorites, it was the second funniest thing I saw all year.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: A bit of an odd choice, I admit, and especially considering that I normally avoid both sci-fi and superhero/action films at all costs. I absolutely adore Ultron, and it might even be the film that ultimately makes me take a second look at both genres. I was more than a little intrigued by the underlying themes of redemption, of who really gets to decide what’s right and wrong, and that the potential for good and bad exists within all of us. And, come on, James Spader as Ultron? Good Heavens, absolutely yes. I’m not going to deny, Spader voicing Ultron was almost bone chilling. Where other people seemed to find the jokes corny, I found them endearing. And, I have to say it, a little romance doesn't hurt either.

Final Girl: Not to be confused with The Final Girls (which also made the cut). This is the one with Abigail Breslin. I had fallen in love with the concept for this film long before I ever saw it. It’s incredibly dark and solemn, and is one of those kinds of films that you REALLY have to be in the mood for. But, I’m a complete sucker for films that have a woman taking back power against men who’ve abused other women. Final Girl is way too short, and with all the buildup, the main event is somewhat anticlimactic, but it’s still really good. Watch it and, as Supernatural Honey Suzanne would say, let your rage keep you warm as you cheer Abigail Breslin on.

Insidious Chapter 3: You didn’t really think this wasn’t going to make my list, did you? This one might be my favorite right up until the very end… that awful, super cheesy ending that seems like it belongs in a 90s sitcom. Up until that point, Insidious 3 does what it is supposed to do. It’s suspenseful, creepy, and actually funny in all the right places. It didn’t move as slowly as the first two, and with fewer periods of inaction, the film moves far more smoothly as a result. I saw it twice in theaters and loved it even more the second time. I’d even go so far as to say that it upped the ante as far as it actually being scary, and having Whannel take the role of director as well as writer and actor, it had a lot more emotion built into it than the first two.

Gravy: I’ve already reviewed this film (read it HERE) and mentioned all the reasons I love it. It’s my favorite movie of the year, and it made me fall completely in love with Jimmi Simpson. I guarantee you will too. It, and he, are both absolutely perfect.

The Final Girls: As I’m pretty sure this will land on almost every Honey’s list, I don’t feel that there’s too much I need to say because we’ll all end up saying the same thing. So I’ll just leave it at this: SO MUCH meta perfection. I literally JUST saw it and I’m still a giddy mess at how perfect it is.

Did any of my favorites for 2015 match up with yours? 
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