The Horror Honeys: AHS Hotel: The Ten Commandments Killer

AHS Hotel: The Ten Commandments Killer

A Horror TV Honey Recap with Lisa

“Are we ever ready to see ourselves for what we are?”

Wren is so fed up with John’s mental wackiness and being a vampire child that she throws herself in front of a bus. In his grief and desperation, John runs to the Cortez and flips out on Liz Taylor and Sally, demanding to be brought to the Ten Commandments Killer. Sally escorts John to the infamous room 64: site of James March’s death on February 25 at 2:25 in the morning. Well, at least now we know why the clock in that room was always going back to that time, but what we didn’t know is that there is a grisly trophy room hidden behind the armoire. Body parts from the victims of the Ten Commandments Killer are lovingly displayed in this room and being confronted with all of his actions all at once finally makes John realize the truth. Detective John Logan is the Ten Commandments Killer. Just like The Walking Dead, I have now officially declared a DEFCON OLLY on AHS Hotel. Based on my unscientific research (live tweeting) it appears that you are in one of two camps on this revelation. You were either shocked or you said, “Uh, duh.”

Uh, duh.

After what many found to be an extremely non-shocking reveal, the episode redeems itself with a rare hour of reflective, emotional storytelling. It is in my research where I observed that the viewers picked up on this immediately and they were quite pleased. After the “humor” that has been displayed on this season of Scream Queens and some dubious storylines right here on Hotel, it is the one and only Ryan Murphy who penned this episode as if to remind people that he, indeed, has a thoughtful, intelligent soul. If only we got to see it more often.

Five years ago, John walks into the bar at the Hotel Cortez only to be quickly picked up by Donovan who delivers him straight to the Countess and March. The enthusiasm James has when he hears that John wants to drink himself to death is almost as good as when he says to John, “Did someone die? Did you have to discharge your revolver?” When John declares that, “Death is the only thing in life that has any meaning,” James March looks like a woman who was just presented with a Tiffany box. He has officially found the man to carry on his murderous work.

“You sound like a 1930s movie. Look like one too.”

Mr. March may look and sound antiquated, but he brings up a good point when he complains that modern times have made it nearly impossible for two people to just sit down and have a real conversation. The men talk for two straight days and one of the strangest bromances is created. Ramirez, Gacey, and Dahmer couldn’t finish March’s work, but John Logan can. To seal the deal, James shows the Countess how beautiful Holden is. She wants Holden and losing his son is exactly what will push John over the edge. After years of building a friendship with March and mourning his son, John finally breaks down and he’s now ripe for the taking.

Bromances are beautiful.
Sally falls deeply in love with John while she also helps guide him into committing the Ten Commandments murders. We also finally learn more about Sally. After dying in the hotel, her addiction is what conjured up the Addiction Demon and if she doesn’t provide people for it to feed on, she will no longer receive protection from it via March. Sally must also find an accomplice for John that can move in the outside world. Enter Wren. Sally asked Wren to follow John and not allow any harm come to him, but she never thought about whether or not it would bring harm to Wren.

As John and his partner stand over the body of Wren in the morgue, John confesses to all of the murders and also adds one more victim to the trophy room. Upon entering the Cortez, John is pleased to inform Iris that he knows exactly who he is. This is convenient seeing as how the last 55 minutes were spent explaining that John was able to live a double life for five years because he didn’t remember anything when he left the hotel. The Hotel Cortez is a selfish mistress and didn’t want John to remember anything he did there while he was in the outside world, hence, allowing him to be Detective John Logan and the Ten Commandments Killer at the same time. Oh well. Much like movies that utilize time travel, the human memory is easily pliable and, therefore, we can make it fit any storyline we wish and fill in any possible plot holes.

The lighting!
John has two murders left, but what happens when he completes his work? Does he move on to another biblical murder spree or will he become a permanent member of the hotel? Am I the only one wondering what the hell is going on with all of the damn vampires walking around L.A. ? Are we just never going to acknowledge all of the vampire children or are we saving that for after John’s completion of his work? What about Ramona and Donovan? And what about the Emma Roberts cameo that they have been making a big deal about? While I’m not clamoring to see Roberts, I am curious as to what part she will be playing.

  • Liz Taylor, you still look fab even while crying.
  • Shout out to Loni Peristere. This episode was beautiful and the way you lovingly lit Wes Bentley was noted and greatly appreciated.
  • “With those blue eyes, I'll be the countess of whatever you like baby.” Word up, Countess.
  • “Foie gras. It’s surprising how delicious a little cruelty can taste.” At least they acknowledged the cruelty aspect. If you don’t know how this “delicacy” makes its way to your table, I implore you to find out and I will now step off of my soap box.
  • Murphy never lets an opportunity to make fun of people who write about movies and television on the internet slide. Someone needs to settle the fuck down.
  • Hot tip: hairstylists absolutely notice when John’s hair is combed differently in between takes. Continuity is a real bitch.

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