The Horror Honeys: This Job Will Leave You on the Unemployment Line

This Job Will Leave You on the Unemployment Line

A Supernatural Honey Review by Suzanne

Last Shift (2015)

Still in the depressive throws of November, I continue the drudgery of obtaining new things to review. The good news is I found something. The bad news is I wasn’t even mildly amused by it. Apparently the newest trope is the haunted police station and I have to say, no sir, I don’t like it. 

Jessica Loren (Juliana Harkavy) is a rookie cop on her first assignment. She has been tasked with the seemingly boring job of holding down the fort at an empty police station and waiting for a hazmat team to show up and remove the remaining items from the evidence room. She soon discovers the station was the scene of the grisly triple suicide of three members of a murderous cult and begins to experience visions of the trio, mysterious calls, and strange visitors. 

Jessica is following in the footsteps of her father, a decorated police officer, who coincidentally, was involved in the capture of the cult members. Mystery surrounds his death, but is eventually revealed in one of the many predictable twists. Trying to live up to the memory of her father, even when things get sketchy, Jessica does not abandon her post fearing she will lose her job. I’m sorry, but if I’m being tormented by dead people, I’m waiting in the car. 

 No job is worth this much shit
The cult in Last Shift is said to be “inspired” by the Manson family, but instead it is a carbon copy, from the charismatic leader and his bevvy of lady followers, the way the murders were committed and the overt references to pigs. There certainly could have been a more creative way to present these psychopaths than just adding a supernatural element to them. 

Although the entire film appears to be shot in one location, it falls short of the claustrophobic atmosphere intended. There always seemed to be one more room to investigate, which gave the station more of a maze feeling rather than a small, contained space. 

 I guess fake blood was too expensive?
Quite possibly my biggest gripe about the film is hallucination vs. reality, which is overused here and only serves as a confusing element to an already weak story. Case in point: within an hour of Jessica’s shift, she encounters a drifter in the hallway. She ushers him out, checks all the locks and predictably finds him in the storeroom later while trashing boxes of papers. This adds absolutely nothing to the plot nor is there any explanation to his connection to the station or the cult, if any. He appears to have no purpose and is just a time waster. So was he real or an apparition? That question is never answered. 

 Still have no idea who this man is
One moment that was super effective happened early on with Jessica, while eating a sandwich, finding a long hair in her food. As she is pulling it from her mouth, I gagged to the point of vomiting and am gagging at the memory as I type this.

Full of jump scares that fall flat, moments of gore for shock value, and a ludicrous “twist” ending, I almost quit Last Shift.  If you want police station horror, I’d recommend Let Us Prey. It’s far from perfect, but it won’t leave you wishing you could have 90 minutes back.

Filmmakers, please stop using shaky face
Last Shift is available on Netflix if you feel the need to waste some time.

Supernatural Honey Rating: 1 dead cult leader out of 5

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