The Horror Honeys: The Slashening: My New Favorite Horror Comedy Times Infinity…

The Slashening: My New Favorite Horror Comedy Times Infinity…

A Slasher Honey New Release Rating by Chassity

The Slashening (2015)

The horror comedy is a delicate undertaking. There is normally no room for any middle ground. Each one has the potential to be a hilarious love letter to the genre that brilliantly parodies tropes, and each one also has the potential to be an unfunny disaster that offends hardcore horror fans and alienates its intended audience. 

The good news is that The Slashening, while walking a fine line and teetering at times, ultimately falls into the former category. 

So, what is The Slashening? It’s a horror comedy about a girl mourning the loss of her relationship, and attending a slumber party with her friends in an attempt to forget about her boyfriend. Unfortunately, that isn't to be, as what she and her friends don’t know is that there’s a killer on the loose, stalking them, and waiting to off each of them in turn. You know, just your typical slumber party shenanigans. 

While far from perfect, this film is the very definition of “love letter” to the slasher genre. It follows the formula to a T; it laughs at not only the slasher film but at itself, and tries hard to be so bad, that it’s good. 

Now let me take a moment to include a necessary disclaimer. You might as well know upfront that there is an opening kill scene (in true trope fashion), and it is fantastically awkward and a chore to get through. But if you can get through it, you’ll be glad you did. It doesn’t reflect the rest of the film.

The other thing you should know is that right after is a scene that makes fun of Taylor Swift’s notorious breakup songs, and it was so perfect that it had me hooked to the point where it would have taken a lot for me to not like The Slashening

Brandon Bassham's film is basically a giant trope fest. It makes fun of almost every slasher trope, and that’s something I can’t say about most horror comedies. The archetypes are there (the slut, the good girl, the macho guy, the nerdy shy friend) and the clichés abound (girls getting undressed for no reason, the one character who talks exclusively about sex, people doing stupid things, the scene where the characters sit around and tell scary stories—the last one focusing on a local legendary killer who still haunts the town today, the obvious creepy red herring, and of course the killer reveal where the slasher reveals his/her/their motives). 

And let me tell you, this film has the most hilarious killer reveal I’ve ever seen. 

In fact, all the intentionally funny moments actually made me laugh out loud. The best thing about The Slashening for me was the way it not only poked fun at the slasher genre (three words: pizza delivery guy), but at popular culture in general, as well as certain issues in society (like friendzoning and how it becomes a social feminist issue, and the use of the n-word). Granted, I am not one of those people who gets offended about movies dealing with unpleasant things that are unfortunately a reality of our society. I know some people do, and if so, there are a few moments you might take issue with. But I would argue that that’s missing the whole point of this movie. 

Slasher Honey Rating: 4 Bloody Pizza Boxes out of 5 

The Slashening is available via Amazon Instant Video

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