The Horror Honeys: 'Shattered': Amnesia! Affairs! Murder! BOB HOSKINS!

'Shattered': Amnesia! Affairs! Murder! BOB HOSKINS!

A Revenge Honey Erotic Thriller November Review with Linnie

Shattered (1991)

When I first heard that 90s erotic thriller Shattered was getting a blu-ray release, I'll be honest: I was only on board because it was an erotic thriller starring Bob Hoskins and that sounded like the best damn thing ever. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot, In the Line of Fire, Air Force One), Shattered also stars Tom Berenger, who I really can't stand. He's not particularly emotive, and frankly, I find Bob Hoskins to be more sexually appealing. But then a funny thing happened. I watched Shattered for Erotic Thriller Month and I have to say...

It's a DAMN good erotic thriller!

The Story: Dan Merrick (Berenger) has just woken up after a horrible car accident, his face a fucking mess and his memory 100% gone. His wife Judith (Greta Scacchi) is trying to help him recover his memories, but thanks to some wackadoo friends (Joanne Whalley and Corbin Bernsen) and a private investigator he hired before the accident for reasons he doesn't know (Hoskins), Dan quickly discovers that if he DOES he recover his memories, he might be in some trouble.

The face of a man who only has one emotional level: ambivalent.
Oh boy. Well, that makes a difference.
At first, Shattered seems to be a little MOW-contrived (which don't get me wrong, I'm not averse to), and I chuckled more than a few times at the whole "amnesia" story line. Greta Scacchi could be Sharon Stone's twin, and she vamps it up like a champ. The movie only really takes off when Bob Hoskins arrives as Gus, a pet store owner/private detective (how do I get THAT job?) who helps Dan piece together the broken fragments of his shattered mind (GET IT?!). Hoskins and Berenger actually have more chemistry than Berenger and Scacchi, which is pretty hilarious given this is an erotic thriller.

Cutest couple EVER!
However, what makes Shattered a truly memorable entry into the erotic thriller canon is its twist ending, a twist SO out of left field, SO utterly insane, it never even occurred to me as a possibility. Twists usually piss me off, but they are such a staple of the erotic thriller, you kind of have to lean into them. But the twist in Shattered makes every ridiculous plot point, every awkward sex scene, every Joanne Whalley boob, worth the journey. Because this twist? It may be the mother of all fucking twists.

Not a twist: Bob Hoskins is the best ever.
Shattered is the kind of movie that I pretty much have to demand you see once, but then I wouldn't be surprised if you never watch it again, because once you know the ending... I'm not sure it will hold up. As such, I will probably never watch it again either. But in this rare case, that's a compliment.

Not all that erotic though. Just kind of... icky.
Throughout Erotic Thriller month, we are going to be working on a far more stringent rating scale than usual. That means that if I REALLY like a film, it will probably get a three star rating. If I love a film, four stars. If I want to take a movie behind the middle school and get it pregnant, that's a five star rating right there. So with that in mind, Shattered gets:

Erotic Thriller Rating: 3 dropped panties out of 5

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