The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Teen Wolf'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Teen Wolf'

There is a less than 5% chance that anyone out there actively remembers that there was a cartoon based the film Teen Wolf which ran for exactly one season. Teen Wolf picked up with everyone's favorite high school werewolf, Scott Howard, and his motley crew of friends and family, as he navigated life as a lycanthrope!

The Teen Wolf series may have only lasted one season, but it's an interesting artifact of the 80s in that it really tried to show kids that being different was solidly awesome. Scott's turning process was presented as something akin to an asthma attack, and while people picked on him, he never stopped being himself. This was a hell of a message from a show based on horror comedy!

It's hard to find full episodes of Teen Wolf (though you can find parts of episodes on YouTube) but the intro is in tact, so enjoy this bit of nostalgia and have a spooky Saturday!