The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Mother Goose & Grimm'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Mother Goose & Grimm'

Were you the kind of 80s/90s kid who couldn't WAIT to read the comics in the Sunday paper every week? Then you probably remember Mike Peters' Mother Good & Grimm, which was the basis for a Saturday morning cartoon of the same name! 

You'd be a lot worse off now, bud.
The strip (which still runs, happily) focused on Mother Goose and her pets, the most vocal of which was a bull terrier named Grimm. Full of clever pop culture references and endearing characters, Mother Goose and Grimm was primed for a cartoon, and those of us who watched it for the two years it aired have fond memories of this awesome little oddity.

One of the elements I loved most about MG&G as a kid was that it was so heavy on the pop culture themes. My favorite episode was, of course, titled The Boogeyman, in which Grimm eats too much trash and has a nightmare involving The Boogeyman... who actually really loves dancing. The Boogeyman makes all of Grimm's worst nightmares come true, which include the toilet and fire hydrants disappearing, and nothing but the home shopping network 24-7. So valid.

Have a fun dip into the nostalgia pool with Mother Goose & Grimm, and enjoy your spooky Saturday!