The Horror Honeys: Not Safe For Work: Every Guy Wants To Be A Hero

Not Safe For Work: Every Guy Wants To Be A Hero

A Slasher Honey Surprise Thriller Review by Chassity

Not Safe For Work (2014)

"Every guy wants to be a hero..."

Right and wrong. More and more these days the lines are becoming less clear. Most of us are probably hyper-aware of everyday situations that present themselves where we can choose to mind our own business, or step up and do the right thing. But here’s the politically incorrect, unfortunate truth that do-gooders, "feel good movies" and TV shows would like you to pretend isn’t true: sometimes there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking out for yourself first and NOT trying to be a hero. 

And that’s the lesson to be learned from the thriller Not Safe For Work. Sometimes you should just call the police to report what you see, and keep it moving. 

The Plot: Tom, an eager 20-something, is a paralegal at a law firm where he’s currently assisting attorneys on a case against a less-than-moral pharmaceutical company, and the key witness has committed suicide. Desperate to see the big bad drug company pay, Tom resorts to measures that, surprise, surprise, get him fired. On his way out, he sees suspicious activity between two men in the lobby. Instead or reporting it to the security guard in the lobby, or calling the actual cops, Tom decides to play private investigator and find out for himself what’s going on. Naturally, this leads to a dangerous game of hide and seek as Tom discovers that the man in the lobby has come to destroy the building to cover up wrongdoings in the company where Tom worked, and that the man is a psychopath who will also kill anyone who gets in his way.

Seriously, bro? Just call the cops and get out of there.
The Good: Other than a little bit of arrogance and a bit of a White Knight complex that puts everyone in danger but him, Tom Miller is a likable main character. He makes a couple of stupid mistakes (that damn iPhone), but for the most part he’s highly intelligent and makes smart decisions, doing things that most people probably wouldn’t even think to do in such a tense, high pressure situation. He’s not afraid to take some risks, and at least he does try to save everyone. 

Not Safe For Work is, for the most part, an intense film that pulls you in and gets you invested quite quickly, and makes you root for the characters despite never really learning all that much about them, not even Tom. It also has an almost slasher-style feel to it, specifically with the stalk and chase elements. Also, let's not forget the lovely JJ Feild, who is a gift and a highlight to anything he’s in. 

The Bad: Everything towards the end of the film is a bit anticlimactic. The twist was fairly predictable, and the very last thing the killer does is so unbelievable and goes against everything his character has done throughout the movie, that it’s just a convenient plot point that could have ruined a film that was otherwise entertaining. 

And then there’s the annoying little problem where Tom ends up getting people killed instead of managing to save anyone but himself (and his girlfriend, who only lands in danger in the first place because of him.)

But all of that aside, Not Safe for Work is good enough to deserve multiple viewings. Good enough that there is no “ugly."

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