The Horror Honeys: 'Never Talk to Strangers': Is Rebecca De Mornay ever NOT a Crazy Face?

'Never Talk to Strangers': Is Rebecca De Mornay ever NOT a Crazy Face?

A Revenge Honey Erotic Thriller November Review with Linnie

Never Talk to Strangers (1995) ~ An Antonio Banderas Double Feature!

I'm pretty sure that Antonio Banderas could perform in a Rogers and Hammerstein musical and make it erotic, so clearly he was going to get his own day during Erotic Thriller Month. First up, Peter Hall's Never Talk to Strangers, a movie I hadn't seen since 1997, so my recent viewing felt like watching it for the first time. And I have to say...

They definitely swung for the fences with this one. 

The Story: Dr. Sarah Taylor (Rebecca De Mornay) is a police psychologist, currently working with a serial rapist (Harry Dean Stanton) who claims to have a split personality. At the same time, Sarah meets Tony Ramirez (Banderas), a smoking hot former-cop from Puerto Rico, and she begins a sexually-charged relationship with him. Simultaneously, Sarah begins receiving twisted gifts, and her cat is murdered, all the result of an increasingly volatile stalker. Concurrently, Sarah's father (Len Cariou) re-enters her life, revealing that he is dying, but since he molested Sarah as a child, she isn't sure she cares. Synchronously, Sarah's neighbor (Dennis Miller) who she had a one-nighter with, is getting super clingy and weird. So who is stalking Sarah? Tony? Daddy? Neighbor...y? Or is the prisoner trying to ply his trade from jail... somehow? Or, when the credits roll, will most of what I just described be irrelevant? (I bet you can guess the answer).

More importantly, does ANYTHING else matter when THIS is onscreen?
You have to admire any movie that aims to be Hitchcockian in this day and age, especially when many of Old Hitch's tricks are well-known. And boy does Never Talk to Strangers go for that Hitchcockian vibe. Rebecca De Mornay is about as a cold a blonde as you could get in the 90s, and she plays the part well. The script has so many damn red herrings and macguffins that if you stop paying attention for thirty seconds, you'll end up utterly lost and totally confused. But does writing a script in the style of Hitchcock make it a worthy film?

Hitch would NOT have approved. But I do. Because Banderas.
Ehhhh, not really. Never Talk to Strangers seems a little confused as to whether it wants to be an erotic thriller or an old-fashioned mystery, but never fully nails anything but the erotic part. Because the sex scenes ARE pretty phenomenal, but frankly, any time you put Banderas in a sexual situation, you're bound to end up with something worth watching. While I've never fully bought De Mornay as a lead actress, her chemistry with Banderas is solid and their love scenes are highly volatile. Which is never a bad thing in an erotic thriller.

I would have given him my number... *wink*
And then, of course, we have our classic erotic thriller twist, which is only a twist if you weren't paying attention. Plus, Rebecca De Mornay in a movie in the 90s meant only one thing... Full-blown crazy face. But that doesn't lessen the impact of watching Banderas work out the big secret, or of watching De Mornay do what she does best.

I wish this was what I did best.
Never Talk to Strangers isn't the worst erotic thriller to come out of the 90s, but it isn't the best either. That being said, it's definitely worth a watch. Because, you know, Antonio Banderas.

Throughout Erotic Thriller month, we are going to be working on a far more stringent rating scale than usual. That means that if I REALLY like a film, it will probably get a three star rating. If I love a film, four stars. If I want to take a movie behind the middle school and get it pregnant, that's a five star rating right there. So with that in mind, Never Talk to Strangers gets:

Erotic Thriller Rating: 2 dropped panties out of 5

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Would you go crazy face for Banderas?
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