The Horror Honeys: Don't Dream It, Be It: Los Angeles Celebrates 40 Years of ROCKY HORROR

Don't Dream It, Be It: Los Angeles Celebrates 40 Years of ROCKY HORROR

A Monster Honey Rose-Tinted Recap by Jennica

Like many fans of science fiction double features, I spent puberty as an outcast among my peers. I was not wearing the hottest fashion trends, I was not listening to the latest pop hits, and to top it all off, I was a "late bloomer." On a daily basis, my classmates gave me nicknames such as "bitch" and "dyke." I was pushed, tripped, and oscene gestures were made at my expense. But I still let my freak flag fly proudly. I continued to apply my war paint consisting of blood red lipstick and thick eyeliner, I continued to blast my ears holes with heavy metal, and I proceeded to wave my middle finger at anyone who had something to say about my lacking lady parts.

Los Angeles City Hall
My parents waited (and probably hoped) for my awkward phase to pass like a kidney stone, but as I entered high school, I solidified this so-called phase by joining the zoo of theater kids. What could be weirder than dressing up in elaborate costumes and pretending to be someone or something new for the whole school to see? In a time when I was completely oblivious to who I wanted to be and I was straddling the line between abstinence and becoming another teenage statistic, my best friend lent me her copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I wasn't exactly sure what I was witnessing, but I was drawn to it and watched it about a dozen times before finally returning it. The characters were eccentric, sexually charged, and shared an infatuation with horror and science fiction. Each one of them was a piece of me.

On October 30th 2015, Los Angeles did the Time Warp again when they celebrated the 40th anniversary of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with longtime fan club president Sal Piro, producer Lou Adler, and a certain sweet transvestite who came all the way from transexual Transylvania. The day began inside the Los Angeles City Hall chambers when the morning meeting opened with famed midnight shadow cast group Sins O' The Flesh jumping to the left and stepping to the right in costumes nearly identical to those worn in the film. 

The Timewarp at City Hall.
Only in L.A.
As the performers paraded back down the hall, Los Angeles Councilmember Paul Koretz proceeded to explain the significance of Rocky Horror for any individual who didn't fit the status quo, especially for members of the LGBT community. 

Los Angeles Councilmember Paul Koretz praises RHPS.
"This movie has provided solace, unity, and friendship over the years to the disenfranchised, for anyone who-- for whatever reason-- may feel themselves to be an outsider," says Councilmember Koretz. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show is profoundly helpful in gay and bisexual rights and that movement, and to the acceptance of fabulous drag queens, and has comforted and empowered so many people of all stripes who feel themselves on the fringes of society. But it is also just good fun."

Without further ado, the Councilmember introduced Lou Adler, who expressed his infinite gratitude toward the fans who filled the City Hall chambers that morning as well as fans around the world who have kept the film more alive than Frankenstein's monster for forty years and have dared to be different. Joining Adler in his great admiration was the very embodiment of sexual discovery himself, Tim Curry. Curry, who suffered a severe stroke just three years ago, was wheelchair bound and appeared utterly exhausted. However, despite his physical strains, he remained high-spirited and never missed a beat with his quick-witted humor. Everyone's favorite space age drag queen thanked the city of Los Angeles for inviting him to celebrate what had been declared The Rocky Horror Picture Show Day on the day before his favorite holiday, Halloween. 

Lou Adler thanks RHPS fans.
As the crowd of diehard Rocky Horror fans cheered for their hero, Councilmember Koretz presented Lou Adler and Tim Curry with certificates in honor of their positive influence on those who felt alone in mainstream Los Angeles, for providing a sense of belonging. Councilmember Koretz concluded the town meeting with the words that every fan has grown to live by, "Don't dream it. Be it."

Councilmember Koretz declares October 30th The Rocky Horror Picture Show Day.
If you think that the 40th anniversary celebration of one of the most sexually liberating rock operas in cinematic history ended with a word from a political figure in a stuffy building, you are sorely mistaken. By the afternnon, the party migrated to a place of monumental significance, the Mann Festival Theater, the location of the U.S. premiere of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975. 

Kneeling on the sizzling sidewalk in a cespool of aggressive journalists and shivering with antici... pation, there was word going around that Tim Curry was feeling ill from the morning festivities and would not make it to the theater. But just as the the sighs and groans began to simmer down, the crowd of fans standing outside the theater parted like the Red Sea as a set of wheels rolled through carrying the man of the hour with Lou Adler trailing right behind him.

"You think I would have missed this?" asked Curry with Frankenfurter-style sass as he made his way to the podium.
"I didn't make him for YOU!"
As Adler and Curry concluded their speeches of undying gratitude for the fans that have helped make the film the legend that it is today, a plaque was placed in front of the iconic Los Angeles landmark so that it will be forever remembered as ground zero for the city's island of misfit toys. 

L to R: Lou Adler, Tim Curry, Sal Piro, Councilmember Koretz
Following the celebration, journalists crowded around Tim Curry, eager to ask him their most pressing questions. The day grew longer and longer, especially for Curry  who grew drained and parched, and time with him was now limited. Given the opportunity to speak with such an iconic actor and charismatic person-- however brief-- I was determined to make it count. 

When asked about the cult status of Rocky Horror and his thoughts on the film in hindsight, Curry paused to ponder his experience and notoriety. "Well, it still amazes me," says Curry, "I still find it really peculiar. I'm enormously grateful for it. It's a very particular kind of recognition." Finally, as a Horror Honeys representative, I felt compelled to ask our signature question, "What is your favorite horror movie?" Without even a second thought, Curry was already armed with a classic response: "Don't Look Now." 

Once the crowd of eager reporters and ecstatic fans died down, Curry and Adler retired for the evening. As for yours ghouly, well, I did what any rational Rocky Horror fan would do after celebrating with the only sweet transvestite to ever rose-tint her world: I sprinted over to the Landmark Theatre for a shadow cast performance by Sins O' The Flesh. I was famished, miserably dehydrated, and drained of all energy, but dammit, I did the Time Warp like I meant it!

Councilmember Koretz with Sins O' The Flesh shadow cast
The Rocky Horror Picture Show 40th Anniversary Blu-ray is now available online and in stores. Read my lips and grab your copy today! 

This had to come home with me... obviously.
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