The Horror Honeys: Day of the Dead Horror Cartoon ~ 'El Despertar'

Day of the Dead Horror Cartoon ~ 'El Despertar'

It's time for the perfect cartoon to celebrate The Day of the Dead!

Strange little girls. A plague of the undead. Flamenco. It could be one of two things: a Guillermo del Toro film or...

This very special cartoon comes to you from author and animator Katy Towell, the delightfully twisted mind behind the Childrin R Skary series. It was almost impossible to pick just one Skary cartoon, but El Despertar jumped out for combining the Honey love of all things dark with all things fanciful. Based on the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, El Despertar tells the story of a village in Mexico besieged by a hoard of zombies. Desperate for a savior, a man reaches out to the young granddaughter of an old bruja (Mexican witch), who through her magical Flamenco abilities, can soothe the dead back into their graves. But as anyone sensible knows, you don't ask for the services of a witch, and then refuse to uphold your end of the bargain...

The pallet of El Despertar is beautiful, greyscale and red exclusively, giving it the look of a classic silent film, the similarities of which are further cemented by the use of title cards. The atmosphere created by the Day of the Dead theme and the Flamenco soundtrack was utterly charming; I could have easily watched an entire film based on the story at the heart of El Despertar.

So, creepy little goblins, enjoy this special horror cartoon, and check out more of Katy Towell's work at the links below!

Katy Towell