The Horror Honeys: 'Body Heat': As the Temperature Rises, the Suspense Begins...

'Body Heat': As the Temperature Rises, the Suspense Begins...

A Revenge Honey Erotic Thriller November Review with Linnie

Body Heat (1981)

Some erotic thrillers go down in history not for the controversy they brew, but for the remarkable story they tell, and the skill of their cast. Lawrence Kasdan's Body Heat is one such movie. Responsible for launching the career of Kathleen Turner, as well as introducing the erotic thriller to the high brow filmgoer, Body Heat is the rare ET that stands the test of time, and avoids looking dated despite its very 80s feel.

It may be November, but strip down to your skivvies, and join me for the steamy experience that is Body Heat!

Matty: You aren't too smart, are you? I like that in a man.
Ned: What else do you like? Lazy? Ugly? Horny? I got 'em all.
Matty: You don't look lazy.

The Story: Sleazy Florida lawyer Ned Racine (William Hurt) is killing time during a heatwave, looking for ways to get in trouble. He finds Matty Walker (Turner), a married woman looking for the same. They begin a fiery affair, one which quickly becomes all consuming for both of them. When Matty points out that the only thing keeping them apart is her rich husband Edmund (Richard Crenna), they set about comprising a murder plot to do away with the bastard. But this is a film noir, kiddies. And dames like Matty are never what they seem.

Bathtub scenes: an erotic thriller staple since 1981!
Ned: Can I buy you a drink?
Matty: I told you. I've got a husband.
Ned: I'll buy him one too.
Matty: He's out of town.
Ned: My favorite kind. We'll drink to him.
Matty: Only comes up on weekends.
Ned: I'm liking him better all the time.

One of my favorite elements of Body Heat is Lawrence Kasdan's script, which fires like a machine gun the entire way through. The byplay between Hurt and Turner is electric, and every scene they have together is a masterclass in the interpretation of brilliant dialogue. Body Heat is often compared to Double Indemnity, and with good reason. Both are genius examples of the film noir that just happen to be separated by almost forty years.

Femme fatales take note: You will NEVER measure up.
Body Heat is especially memorable for introducing the world to Kathleen Turner, a woman who seemed to be channeling Lauren Bacall with every move she made. Her voice, her physique, hell, just the way she carried herself, Turner was the embodiment of Bacall in To Have and Have Not, even more so because both women made their debut as a femme fatale and stole the film with their performances. The chemistry between Turner and Hurt is palpable, and you find yourself practically reaching for a magazine to fan yourself with, because once you're caught in their maelstrom, you'll need a cold shower.

Ned: Maybe you shouldn't dress like that.
Matty: This is a blouse and a skirt. I don't know what you're talking about.
Ned: You shouldn't wear that body.

Also, a brief appearance from Mickey Rourke's original face.
RIP original face.
Body Heat is a classic for a reason: it's the erotic thriller that set the bar for all erotic thrillers to come, by compiling the perfect cast, giving them the perfect script, and just sitting back and watching as everything beautiful came together.

Throughout Erotic Thriller month, we are going to be working on a far more stringent rating scale than usual. That means that if I REALLY like a film, it will probably get a three star rating. If I love a film, four stars. If I want to take a movie behind the middle school and get it pregnant, that's a five star rating right there. So with that in mind, Body Heat gets:

Erotic Thriller Rating: 5 dropped panties out of 5

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Can you feel the heat between Hurt and Turner?
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