The Horror Honeys: Zombie Buzz ~ Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462

Zombie Buzz ~ Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462

Zombie Honey Buzz by Bella

Somehow all I can think when is “you spin me right round, baby, right round…” Is a spin off of a spin off really necessary? Isn’t making it an online episodic basically the same as saying - hey, don’t watch this? How much blood can you get from this one stone?

The actual news: Fear the Walking Dead, the spin off of The Walking Dead, is getting it’s own web series spin off: Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462. Slated to be a 16 part web series that will air during The Walking Dead Season 6 run. The series is set up to follow passengers on a plane who discover an infected passenger.

*gasp* Who let these mother fucking zombies on this motherfucking plane? Oh, right, AMC did that. Break their fucking neck and throw them in the cammode until landing.

“‘Flight 462’ is a great extension of the world of ‘Fear’ and will engage fans across multiple platforms with another riveting story set at the start of the fall of civilization,” said Joel Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Dave Erickson and David Wiener on another piece of original content. Watching how they’ll bring one of these new characters to the second season of ‘Fear’ will be really exciting for viewers to follow.” (source: Variety)

I feel like studio execs are just sitting in rooms jacking off and choosing what to produce when their splooge sticks to something. Too gross? Yeah, well, that’s how I feel about these zombie spin offs. I have had little-to-no love with the idea of Fear the Walking Dead to begin with, but now we get The Walking DeadT meets Lost and my Zombie Brain is just checking right the fuck out.

Let me know when the plane crashes and how many times the zombies have to press a button to keep the polar bears away. I might watch that shit.